Discover Asheville The Blue Ridge Mountains And The Great Smoky Mountain

Discover Asheville The Blue Ridge Mountains And The Great Smoky Mountain

Asheville is​ the perfect base from which to​ explore on​ your​ holiday to​ the Carolinas. Drive just a​ few miles outside of​ town and​ enter into America’s greatest gift to​ motoring – the spectacular Blue Ridge Parkway. Take in​ mile after mile of​ some of​ the most dramatic views in​ the United States. Striking scenery unfolds in​ varied panoramas as​ you​ travel along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Superb mountain​ scenery and​ a​ pleasant climate are the Parkway’s major appeals. Its timeless popularity makes it​ a​ ‘must see’. The Parkway traverses the highlands of​ Virginia and​ North Carolina at​ an​ average elevation​ of​ 3,000 feet and​ extends from Shenandoah, Virginia to​ the Great Smoky Mountains in​ North Carolina. Azaleas, rhododendrons and​ mountain​ laurel flower in​ spring. Autumn bursts brilliantly with reds of​ sumac, gum and​ maples with sassafras, tulip trees and​ hickory contributing their bright yellows to​ nature’s canvas. Rhododendrons are ablaze on​ the Parkway when it​ is​ spring time in​ the mountains.

Reach the top of​ a​ mountain​ near Asheville in​ about 30 seconds! That is​ the time it​ takes to​ ride the 26-storey lift built inside 500 million​ year old Chimney Rock. But that’s only the beginning. You’ll find the best of​ what the mountains have to​ offer in​ one incredible place: a​ spectacular 75-mile view, trails to​ a​ 404-foot waterfall, native wildlife, rare plants and​ unique rock formations that otherwise would take days to​ find.

Blitmore House is​ America’s largest private residence. it​ continues in​ its second century with all the grace and​ elegance it​ has enjoyed since its grand​ opening in​ 1895. this​ regal French Chateau, tucked in​ the Blue Ridge Mountains of​ Asheville is​ a​ National Historic Landmark. Blitmore House has 250 rooms, four acres of​ interior floor space, and​ is​ filled with the immense collection​ of​ art and​ furnishings of​ its original owner, George Vanderbilt. The beauty of​ this​ grand​ home extends out of​ doors to​ its gardens and​ managed woodland. in​ all the Blitmore Estate encompasses 8,000 acres of​ land!

Blitmore Village is​ one of​ the Carolina’s most fascinating, unique and​ enjoyable shopping environments. Tree-lined streets… brick side walks… open air dining… all combined with amazing collections of​ one-of-a-kind merchandise. Village shops are housed in​ the original homes built in​ the early 1900s.

The best way to​ see The Great Smoky Mountain​ is​ to​ take The Great Smoky Mountain​ Railway. this​ takes you​ through river gorges, fertile valleys, and​ tunnels cut out of​ mountains. a​ choice of​ trips include: The Tuckasegee river trip, a​ 3½ hour journey which passes the wreck site of​ the movie ‘The Fugitive’ and​ travels through Cowee Tunnel, hand​ dug by convicts and​ the Nantahala Gorge trip which crosses Fontana Lake to​ the Nantahala Gorge white-water rafting area.

All in​ all there is​ lots to​ discover on​ your​ holiday to​ the Carolinas!

Discover Asheville The Blue Ridge Mountains And The Great Smoky Mountain

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