Discover America's Quirkiest Destinations

Americans are busier than ever. Juggling the challenging and​ stressful demands of​ work and​ family leaves little time for​ a​ long, restful vacation. Taking a​ quick break can be a​ great way to​ reconnect with family and​ friends and​ reduce life's strains. Weekend trips rank among the top stress relievers and​ you​ don't have to​ travel far to​ have a​ great time. Plenty of​ fun and​ fascinating travel destinations reside right in​ your​ own backyard.

America enjoys more than 550 quirky travel spots perfect for​ a​ quick getaway. Each year, tens of​ thousands of​ people visit destinations such as​ the World's Largest Guitar and​ the Giant Fire Hydrant. and​ now, Cottonelle® Toilet Paper and​ its yellow Labrador puppy are helping make it​ easy to​ explore these unusual slices of​ Americana with an​ interactive travel adventure Web site,

this​ summer, people can follow the Cottonelle® Puppy's adventures to​ some of​ America's quirkiest destinations. Each week, the puppy will highlight one of​ his nine favorite travel spots. to​ inspire people to​ hit the road, the puppy asks America to​ provide suggestions for​ his 10th travel spot through the Cottonelle Puppy's 10th Destination​ Contest. Entrants must submit a​ photo of​ themselves and​ the official Cottonelle Puppy image at​ their favorite quirky U.S. travel spot for​ a​ chance to​ win​ $90,000 for​ a​ trip for​ two to​ offbeat international destinations. Puppy images and​ official contest details are available at​ the Puppy Tracks Web site.

To encourage Americans to​ get inspired by the puppy's travels, Cottonelle has teamed with actor and​ travel expert John Ratzenberger. Ratzenberger, who starred on​ television's "Cheers," hosts and​ produces the Travel Channel's popular program "John Ratzenberger's Made in​ America."

"As life gets busier, simple pleasures become more important," said Ratzenberger. "A quick weekend getaway to​ one of​ these American wonders is​ the perfect antidote to​ stress. The destinations highlighted by Cottonelle have cross-generational appeal and​ are easily accessible. I encourage you​ to​ get out and​ explore."

So next time you​ spy a​ sign for​ the World's Largest Dinosaurs, be sure to​ pull over. Not only will the brief stopover make for​ an​ enjoyable time with the family, but you​ just might win​ big, too.
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