Discover The 7 Must Know Keys To Homeschooling Success

Discover The 7 Must Know Keys To Homeschooling Success

The decision to​ home school your child can be a​ very difficult decision to​ make. With the​ high rate of​ two-income families today,​ many parents wonder if​ they can make the​ financial and time sacrifice,​ even it​ is​ the​ right thing to​ do. Many more wonder if​ their children can get the​ same level of​ quality education if​ they choose homeschooling. However,​ despite these concerns,​ the​ rate at​ which parents are choosing to​ home school their kids continue to​ rise.

There are a​ huge number of​ reasons why parents choose to​ home school their kids. For many parent,​ it​ is​ because they want to​ be able to​ add religious content to​ their children's learning experience. For others,​ they see the​ decline in​ the​ public education system today and want to​ choose something that is​ better for their kids.

According to​ a​ recent an​ August 2006 ABC 20/20 special,​ many kids today are not being taught even the​ needed fundamentals for them to​ graduate. For example,​ one student was interviewed who was in​ high school but was only able to​ read properly at​ a​ fourth grade level. Another student interviewed mentioned that cheating was actually encouraged by his teacher - goodness!.

Although the​ public education system is​ not as​ good as​ it​ should be and expected today,​ the​ decision to​ homeschooling as​ an​ alternative is​ one that should not be taken too lightly. When choosing to​ home school your kids,​ you must first consider these 7 things:

1. Time commitment

Homeschooling has a​ tendency to​ take up a​ lot of​ time of​ the​ parent. the​ process involves more than just sitting down with books for a​ couple of​ hours. There are experiments and projects that have to​ be done,​ lessons to​ prepare,​ papers to​ grade,​ field trips,​ park days,​ music lessons,​ and the​ list just keeps on​ going and going. Fortunately,​ you can go online and search for some homeschool sample schedules that will help to​ give you an​ idea of​ a​ typical day.

2. Personal sacrifice

The homeschooling parent sacrifice much and has very little personal time or​ time alone and away from their children. if​ a​ lot of​ care is​ not taken to​ set aside time for yourself,​ it​ is​ easy for the​ parent to​ feel overwhelmed and stress. it​ is​ not unusual for the​ parent and child to​ be together 24 hours a​ day,​ which can eventually lead to​ frustration on​ both sides.

3. Financial problems can arise

Though homeschooling can be accomplished with very little cost to​ you; however,​ it​ usually requires that the​ teaching parent not work,​ either out of​ the​ home or​ not. Some sacrifices will need to​ be made if​ the​ family is​ used to​ depend on​ two incomes. of​ course,​ if​ you are a​ single parent,​ this could be an​ even bigger problem.

4. Time for socialization

More attention will need to​ be given to​ getting your children to​ spend time together with his/her peers. the​ best part of​ homeschooling is​ being able to​ have more control of​ the​ potential social contacts your child makes. However,​ the​ downside is​ that you must personally prepare your child yourself on​ how to​ socialize with other kids. Homeschooling can have a​ tendency to​ make your child feel quite isolated.

5. Household organization is​ harder

Housework,​ laundry and other chores will still have to​ be done,​ but it​ probably will get done first thing in​ the​ morning. if​ you are a​ neat freak,​ you might be in​ for a​ big big surprise. Not only does housework need to​ be let go at​ times,​ but also homeschooling does creates messes and clutter on​ its own. You will have to​ get really organized so that you can keep your home together.

6. Both parents must agree to​ it

It is​ important that both parents agree to​ the​ idea of​ homeschooling. it​ is​ very difficult for this to​ work if​ one of​ the​ parents is​ against it​ right from the​ start. if​ your spouse is​ against it​ at​ this time,​ try doing more research and talking to​ more people so that you can be absolutely certain it​ is​ something that both of​ you can agree upon and pursue. Otherwise,​ the​ chances for success are very much smaller.

7. Your child has to​ be willing

A willing student is​ crucial to​ the​ success of​ homeschooling. Ultimately,​ the​ decision is​ the​ parents to​ make,​ but if​ your child is​ dead set against it,​ you might have a​ very difficult time in​ teaching and convincing them. the​ fact of​ the​ matter is​ that an​ unwilling child can sabotage his/her own education progress efforts.

There is​ a​ lot more to​ homeschooling than is​ often seen at​ first sight. as​ a​ parent,​ you must know that your child's education is​ the​ most important factor in​ their future. You need to​ be thoroughly prepared for all of​ the​ time and commitment that is​ going to​ be involved. if​ you are thinking of​ choosing homeschooling for your children,​ it​ will be very important to​ network with other like-minded parents in​ your local area. Not only will this help with the​ program planning process,​ but will also provide a​ place to​ share ideas and concerns with others who are probably experiencing the​ same thing.

Discover The 7 Must Know Keys To Homeschooling Success

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