Discover 4 Easy Ways To Prevent Motion Sickness

Discover 4 Easy Ways To Prevent Motion Sickness

Preventing motion​ sickness is​ easier than you​ may think. All it​ requires is​ a​ little advance planning. if​ you​ wait for​ the symptoms to​ rear their ugly heads before starting treatment, you​ are already too late. Instead, you​ can one-up them by preventing motion​ sickness in​ the first place. Here are some tips that will help you​ prevent motion​ sickness.

1. Plan in​ advance where you​ will sit while traveling and​ pick your​ travel position​ carefully: for​ instance, if​ you​ are riding in​ a​ car, argue for​ the driver’s seat. if​ you​ are traveling by airplane, try to​ get a​ window seat over the wing for​ best results. and​ if​ you​ are planning to​ go on​ a​ cruise opt for​ a​ lower cabin​ located in​ the middle of​ the ship. These chosen spots will offer the least amount of​ motion​ and​ the greatest likelihood for​ preventing motion​ sickness before it​ even starts.

2. if​ you​ were not able to​ select one of​ the "anti-motion-sickness" travel positions mentioned above, you​ can still prevent motion​ sickness by taking appropriate medication. Fortunately, there are many over-the-counter medications that are effective in​ preventing the symptoms of​ motion​ sickness. The active ingredients in​ these medications relax the stimulation​ of​ the inner ear and​ blocks the motion​ messages to​ the brain., thereby preventing the brain​ from receiving conflicting sensory messages which is​ the main​ cause of​ motion​ sickness.

3. if​ you​ are reluctant to​ take medication​ because of​ the side effects (e.g. drowsiness), there are also natural remedies you​ can use to​ prevent motion​ sickness. Try using ginger. it​ works wonders and​ comes in​ many different forms which make it​ convenient to​ travel with and​ to​ be taken whenever needed. Ginger can be taken as​ a​ pill, sucked on​ as​ a​ candy, or​ brewed and​ drunk as​ a​ tea ( this​ is​ my personal favorite)!

4. Motion​ sickness bands are another option​ worth trying. These bands are specially designed to​ treat suffers of​ motion​ sickness. They fit on​ your​ wrist and​ apply acupressure that helps to​ keep nausea at​ bay.

Clearly, there are many options and​ remedies that you​ can use to​ prevent motion​ sickness. So you​ don't have to​ suffer through the misery of​ travel sickness when you​ travel anymore. Plan ahead and​ be prepared. and​ when travel time comes around, head off for​ some well deserved R&R confident that motion​ sickness will not put a​ damper on​ your​ fun. Happy Travels.

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