Directory Of Driving Schools

Directory Of Driving Schools

Resources for​ learner drivers and​ driving schools are widely available. There are two main​ sources, the local transport authority as​ well as​ the internet. Information​ can be accessed from both categories easily on​ safe driving. Catalogues and​ booklets offering resources are available both at​ the local transport authority office and​ on​ the internet. Some of​ these resources are also available for​ free. a​ fully developed guide for​ learner drivers and​ driving schools comes at​ a​ price.

The 'Driver's Record', brought out by Driving Standards Agency, will be of​ great assistance. this​ catalogue offers tips to​ driving schools to​ train​ learner drivers is​ a​ must. Every driving school should have a​ copy of​ this​ catalogue. Every approved driving instructor should necessarily keep this​ catalogue in​ the vehicle while training learner drivers.

The first and​ foremost tip is​ to​ drive safe. The learner has to​ be at​ least 17 years old to​ qualify for​ training. Some of​ the most important instructions to​ be followed by the learner driver are: the learner driver should possess a​ valid provisional driver license; obtain​ insurance to​ drive the vehicle; meet the vision​ (eye sight) standards; drive vehicles that display the board L (this​ is​ to​ caution​ other drivers that this​ particular car is​ being driven by a​ learner).

It is​ easy to​ obtain​ a​ provisional driver license. All learner drivers should possess a​ provisional driver license. Only people, who are 17-years-old, will be granted the provisional driver license. a​ provisional driver license holder should drive a​ vehicle bearing the board (L) only on​ the roads. They are not permitted to​ drive on​ speedways or​ motorways.

After obtaining a​ provisional driving license, contact the nearest approved driving training schools, which employ certified driving instructors with sufficient experience. it​ is​ easy to​ locate such driving training schools since they are registered on​ the internet and​ in​ the yellow pages. They also advertise their services in​ the neighborhood. After ascertaining the credibility of​ the driving training school, register yourself for​ the training session.

There is​ no fixed training duration​ for​ training drivers. it​ depends on​ each individual's learning and​ grasping skills. Ideally, every learner driver should undergo training for​ not less than 15 hours over two weeks. However some research has found that a​ total of​ 50 hours are required for​ a​ trainer driver to​ completely undergo all categories of​ training to​ become eligible to​ drive on​ freeways.

Once the learner driver completes the training, a​ test has to​ be cleared to​ obtain​ a​ driver's license. The test includes both theoretical test and​ practical test to​ ascertain​ the expertise of​ the driver.

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