Digital Surveillance Software Or Hardware

Digital Surveillance: Software or​ Hardware?
If you​ are considering installing a​ surveillance system in​ your organization,​ you​ are probably deciding between the​ two types of​ solutions: hardware or​ software .​
With each approach having its pros and contras what will you​ choose? This article is​ about to​ help you​ make a​ weighted decision.
If you​ are managing a​ condominium and want a​ video camera on​ the​ front door,​ or​ when you​ need a​ garage monitoring system for an​ underground parkade you​ are pretty much forced to​ use a​ set of​ recording video cameras.But do you​ want a​ video surveillance system in​ your office?
While video surveillance may increase the​ performance and discipline of​ your employees,​ it​ can also have negative impact on​ the​ psychological climate among employees .​
Hardware-based video surveillance is​ easy to​ abuse,​ and you​ must know and comply with the​ appropriate laws and legislations .​
Hidden video surveillance is​ illegal pretty much everywhere,​ you​ you're losing an​ opportunity to​ catch a​ dishonest employee selling off your trade secrets or​ telling your competitors about your plans .​
Finally,​ hardware-based surveillance can't record anything meaningful from the​ computer screens .​
You'll see dark and bright spots at​ best,​ and will never know what programs were opened,​ what Web sites were visited and what was typed in​ that chat window.
Software surveillance,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ is​ still unregulated by the​ governments and can be used without making your employees aware .​
Surveillance software disciplines your employees without causing the​ negative reaction to​ video surveillance and apparent video cameras .​
Finally,​ it​ is​ virtually impossible to​ abuse software surveillance because it​ works only on​ the​ employees' computers that are supposed to​ be used for only one thing: work .​
Consider surveillance software a​ performance control tool and not a​ system to​ monitor employees.
Besides the​ legal and psychological benefits the​ importance of​ which is​ hard to​ evaluate,​ software surveillance provides a​ number of​ direct benefits .​
With computer surveillance software you​ can record your employees' activities down to​ the​ last keystroke and mouse click .​
This low-level control is​ there if​ you​ need it,​ but if​ you​ don't you​ can always revert to​ the​ more convenient,​ higher level control .​
Good surveillance software recognizes popular chats and instant messengers such as​ AIM,​ ICQ or​ MSN and logs the​ conversations,​ allowing you​ to​ access formatted chat logs that are easy to​ go through.
If you​ decided on​ software surveillance against a​ video monitoring system,​ there's only one thing left: what surveillance software to​ chose from the​ many offerings? While there is​ no lack of​ software surveillance solutions,​ KGB Spy conveniently integrates the​ things that are most important to​ corporate users: security,​ convenience and features .​
Being a​ fully featured software surveillance system,​ KGB Spy offers all the​ usual gimmicks such as​ keystroke capturing,​ application logging and Web site monitoring .​
However,​ being a​ corporate-oriented product,​ KGB Spy goes even further,​ providing features such as​ remote access to​ logs via email or​ FTP,​ instant remote alerts on​ pre-defined events such as​ certain key phrases,​ and complete environmental control .​
KGB Spy makes periodic captures of​ the​ computer screen,​ showing you​ detailed snapshots instead of​ the​ blurred spots you​ would see on​ a​ video camera .​
Finally,​ KGB Spy is​ virtually undetectable and practically impossible to​ remove without knowing the​ administrative password.
And here's one last yet most important feature of​ software surveillance: you​ can download,​ install and evaluate a​ complete surveillance system for absolutely free! Get your copy of​ KGB Spy from and get comfortable with the​ advanced surveillance features before paying.

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