Did You Know Of Hairstyle Appreciation Day

Did you​ Know Of Hairstyle Appreciation Day?
April 30th is​ the​ day to​ appreciate hairstyles .​
In some places it​ is​ called Hairstylist appreciation Day .​
Either way this is​ something unique .​
If this is​ the​ way to​ celebrate days,​ we​ will begin having appreciate the​ grass day,​ appreciate the​ cities day and so on​ .​
But thinking about it,​ hairstylists do play a​ big part in​ making us feel good.
In the​ modern days,​ appearances make a​ difference,​ sometimes a​ very big difference .​
The multi billion dollar anti-aging industry depends on​ that desire to​ look good .​
So do fashion designers and makeup industry .​
It is​ no more aging as​ you​ do or​ look as​ nature made you​ or​ wear simple clothing with the​ main objective of​ covering oneself .​
It is​ all very different now.
The first wrinkle makes people rush to​ their dermatologists .​
Nobody wants to​ look aged .​
People want to​ look as​ if​ years made no difference to​ their looks .​
It is​ the​ age of​ plastic surgery to​ look younger,​ and buying the​ latest cream or​ lotion that promises youth .​
The clothes are no longer plain clothes to​ make you​ cover your body,​ but to​ make a​ fashion statement .​
Latest designer wear that may look bizarre at​ times is​ in​ vogue .​
People are in​ search of​ the​ unique look that desires envy .​
Similary makeup is​ no longer a​ plain foundation or​ a​ simple lipstick .​
It is​ a​ big opportunity for​ the​ cosmetic industry to​ sell concoctions that will make a​ eighty year look look like one of​ sixteen .​
It is​ all strange but true .​
We are all getting mass mesmerized by the​ big corporates in​ acting as​ they want us to​ do .​
Why not hair stylists then?
After all hair style also makes a​ statement .​
You can have a​ hair style that makes you​ look like a​ thinker or​ one that gives you​ a​ sporty look .​
It is​ no more cutting the​ hair and styling them,​ but it​ is​ more of​ giving you​ a​ look that will make you​ feel different .​
Are we​ all not losing the​ real essence of​ life in​ all this?

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