Did I Inherit A Hair Loss Gene

Did I Inherit A Hair Loss Gene

Did I ​ Inherit a​ Hair Loss Gene?
Men who start to​ go bald even before a​ midlife crisis may have their mothers to​ blame,​ according to​ a​ new study. Researchers have found that the​ main construction manual for​ a​ full head of​ hair is​ located on​ the​ X chromosome,​ which sons always inherit from their mothers.
This genetic storage space contains the​ socalled androgen receptor gene,​ a​ long time balding suspect. Looking at​ men who were losing their hair at​ a​ relatively young age,​ a​ team led by Markus Nothen,​ PhD,​ of​ the​ Life & Brain Center at​ Bonn University,​ Germany systematically examined all of​ the​ genetic patterns within the​ X chromosome to​ see why certain hairlines recede faster than others. It’s not a​ pretty picture.
The study,​ published in​ the​ American Journal of​ Human Genetics,​ claims that a​ single alteration in​ the​ androgenreceptor gene is​ the​ major reason why some men end up going bald before their fathers. Nearly half of​ bald men would not be bald if​ they did not have this genetic variation. the​ hair loss in​ these younger men,​ he added,​ was much more severe than in​ the​ men who still had a​ reason to​ use a​ comb in​ their 60s.
The two approved medicines to​ treat hair loss Rogaine and Propecia need to​ be taken for​ a​ long time to​ see results. With Propecia,​ doctors sometimes advise their patients not to​ expect any results before at​ least six to​ eight months. And both need to​ be used indefinitely to​ maintain its effect. Once you​ stop,​ hair loss will continue.
Although there are only two medicines approved by the​ Food and ​Drug​ Administration FDA to​ treat hair loss,​ many people are interested in​ other,​ alternative treatments. the​ herb saw palmetto has been used for​ many years in​ Europe to​ treat symptoms of​ an enlarged prostate and there is​ some evidence that it​ may also be effective in​ treating hair loss.

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