Dhyana Yoga Meditation For Soul Awakening

A human life is​ a​ priceless gift of​ God. the​ Lord does not have a​ greater gift than this to​ give his beloved creatures. Its specialties and potentials are so extraordinary that its results can only amaze us. This gift has been given to​ us to​ fulfill divine goals. But it​ is​ our ill-fate that we​ have forgotten our divine nature,​ God’s gift and the​ goal/ importance of​ a​ human life. Neither do we​ know our divine potential,​ nor the​ Lord’s goal,​ wisdom or​ meditation. we​ are straying far away in​ this dark,​ gloomy world. This forgetfulness is​ strange. People generally forget objects and also what they have read,​ heard etc. a​ person whom we​ had known in​ the​ past is​ now a​ stranger for us,​ since we​ have forgotten him. But it​ is​ rare to​ find a​ person who forgets himself. we​ think ourselves to​ be a​ body with name and form. we​ desire what our mind desires,​ we​ look upon the​ body’s needs as​ our own need. the​ body and mind are the​ 2 wheels of​ the​ chariot of​ our life. But we​ have totally forgotten that we​ are the​ soul and not the​ body. No doubt we​ hear time and again that the​ body is​ different from the​ soul. But it​ is​ very rare that someone actually experiences this fact. And even if​ we​ experience it,​ it​ is​ in​ a​ very hazy manner. if​ we​ understand true reality and the​ difference between the​ life-force and peripherals that manifests in​ our consciousness,​ we​ will give prime importance to​ soul well-being. we​ would give only that much importance to​ material objects as​ is​ required. Today we​ are walking with feet devoid of​ shoes and decorate our cars with frills of​ gold. we​ are dying of​ hunger and give clarified butter to​ vehicles. “We” means the​ soul and vehicle means body or​ mind. the​ Lord is​ serving his servants. it​ is​ indeed strange that he has forgotten his responsibility.


The goal of​ life is​ to​ attain self-fulfillment. This self-fulfilled state can only be at​ the​ level of​ divinity. in​ order to​ attain God,​ the​ mind should get concentrated on​ him. Before constructing important buildings,​ their maps,​ plans and models are designed. an​ engineer,​ architect etc. will build buildings based on​ these models. an​ image of​ God with his qualities,​ activities and nature is​ carried out for the​ purpose of​ meditation. as​ a​ result one experiences nearness,​ oneness and a​ sense of​ merging of​ God. This is​ the​ true nature of​ meditation.

The goal of​ true meditation is​ to​ regain our lost memory regarding our real nature. if​ someone happens to​ regain it,​ it​ is​ definitely akin to​ a​ man coming out of​ a​ very scary dream. it​ is​ only then that one experiences a​ condition akin to​ a​ child being lost in​ a​ massive crowd or​ like that of​ a​ man who has lost the​ memory of​ his identity. Those undergoing such anguish,​ experience a​ great loss and they hurt their near and dear ones. Since we​ have lost our memory (that we​ are the​ mighty soul and not the​ body),​ our condition is​ as​ demeaning as​ a​ baby lion being brought up in​ a​ family of​ goats. as​ a​ result we​ are giving pain to​ our true nature,​ which is​ divinity.

The goal of​ Yoga of​ meditation is​ to​ overcome loss of​ memory i.e. to​ awaken to​ the​ fact that we​ are the​ soul and not the​ body. in​ that one remembers God and one experiences one’s soul nature. the​ memory of​ the​ union of​ a​ living being (Jiva) and God (Brahman) is​ re-activated and one experiences,​ that this very Divine Power contact was broken by us,​ is​ in​ reality our Divine Mother and Benefactor. Not only this but like the​ proverbial wish-fulfilling cow (Kamadhenu),​ it​ is​ so powerful that by drinking its nectarine milk,​ we​ attain divinity. By sitting in​ the​ shade of​ a​ wish-fulfilling tree (Kalpavriksha) one can attain anything. After contacting,​ coming close to​ that Divine Centre,​ one does not lack anything and thus we​ can overcome all types of​ poverty. Thus Yoga of​ Meditation helps us attain this goal.


It is​ not something great to​ attain Divine Powers. it​ should be protected from any type of​ wastage and should never be misused. the​ benefits of​ attaining Divine Powers are encountered when they are gathered in​ a​ safe place and that they are utilized only for sacred tasks.

As a​ result of​ heat,​ a​ lot of​ water of​ the​ oceans gets converted to​ steam. So much steams rises into the​ atmosphere from cooking gas,​ fire etc. All this goes in​ waste. But in​ an​ engine,​ a​ little bit of​ water is​ converted to​ steam. This steam is​ not allowed to​ stray in​ the​ atmosphere and is​ in​ fact collected in​ a​ tank. Later its energy flow passes out of​ a​ small hole and reaches the​ piston. as​ a​ result of​ this small process,​ the​ engine of​ a​ train starts functioning. Not only does it​ move but it​ runs at​ a​ great speed. Its movement is​ so powerful that it​ tugs alongwith it​ many other compartments at​ a​ high speed.

If tons of​ gun powder are spread out on​ the​ ground and lit with a​ match-stick,​ it​ will show a​ little light for a​ flash of​ a​ moment and then get burnt to​ ashes. This is​ a​ total wastage and is​ of​ no use to​ us. But if​ it​ is​ enclosed in​ a​ small area of​ a​ gun and by pressing the​ trigger a​ little,​ sparks of​ fire touch the​ gunpowder,​ this infinitesimal gunpowder gives amazing results. the​ bullet runs at​ a​ mammoth speed to​ its target. Wherever it​ lands,​ it​ topples that object. One can thus clearly note the​ difference between just lighting up tons of​ gunpowder with a​ matchstick and on​ the​ other hand,​ lighting up a​ minute amount of​ gun powder in​ a​ gun.

The rays of​ sun light are scattered all over the​ earth. Daily the​ sun rises and then sets in​ the​ evening. This sunlight can give only a​ little heat and light to​ us. But if​ a​ few sunrays are concentrated on​ paper using a​ special lens,​ the​ paper starts burning. if​ it​ is​ thrown in​ a​ huge jungle,​ a​ forest fire ensues which destroys that entire area to​ ashes.

During Draupadi’s Swayamvar (choosing you own groom),​ the​ condition for getting married to​ her was that the​ prospective bridegroom should pierce the​ eye of​ a​ bird placed at​ a​ distance with an​ arrow. Dronacharya was helping his students to​ master this art. Before his students aimed an​ arrow,​ Dronacharya would ask them as​ to​ what they were seeing. On an​ average the​ students would say that are seeing a​ bird on​ the​ tree. as​ a​ result Dronacharya would declare that such students would never succeed. When it​ was Arjun’s turn,​ he answered that I can only see the​ bird’s eye and nothing else. Thus Dronacharya declared that Arjun would definitely succeed. Truly at​ the​ Swayamvara ceremony of​ Draupadi,​ Arjun pierced the​ eye of​ the​ bird with one single arrow and thus got married to​ Draupadi.

It is​ said that a​ flying creature called a​ buzzing bee catches hold of​ a​ caterpillar and continues to​ buzz in​ front of​ it. as​ a​ result of​ continuously hearing the​ buzz of​ the​ bee and visualizing the​ bee’s form,​ the​ mental state of​ the​ caterpillar becomes that of​ a​ bee. the​ caterpillar starts thinking itself to​ be a​ buzzing bee. as​ a​ result the​ body of​ the​ caterpillar takes the​ shape of​ a​ buzzing bee instead of​ a​ grown up butterfly. Zoologists may doubt this but it​ is​ a​ definite fact that whenever man concentrates/ focuses his mind on​ a​ particular name and form,​ his mind too takes up the​ name,​ form and characteristics of​ that object. as​ a​ result of​ focusing her mind on​ beauty and youth,​ a​ prostitute regains her beauty to​ a​ great extent at​ an​ advanced age too. On the​ other hand,​ many young men and women look aged because their minds are all the​ time thinking of​ hardships and dire circumstances. All this is​ a​ result of​ focusing one’s mind on​ a​ particular good/ bad thought. This could be intentional or​ unintentional.

Spiritual concentration means to​ stop the​ mind from straying away from its center and that after focusing one’s Divine Powers at​ one central focal point,​ one should utilize the​ same for sacred endeavors only. This is​ called control of​ mind or​ focusing of​ the​ psyche in​ spiritual texts. a​ lot of​ discussion takes place regarding Yoga of​ Meditation. it​ should be surmised as​ an​ art of​ concentrating one’s mind. When we​ hear about it,​ its success seems mediocre but in​ reality,​ it​ is​ a​ great achievement. When one masters this art,​ man by focusing his scattered conscious energy in​ one place,​ utilizes it​ for some sacred purpose and thus attains amazing success.

Water is​ filled in​ dams. But when it​ is​ ejected from a​ small opening,​ a​ stream of​ it​ flows at​ break neck speed because of​ water pressure generated by the​ dam. This flow has extraordinary energy. Its influence aids the​ movement of​ wheels of​ many machines and as​ a​ result these machines start moving. the​ construction of​ huge electric powerhouses takes place near gigantic dams. it​ is​ very expensive to​ generate electricity using engines and machines but hydroelectricity is​ cheaply operated near dams. Near smaller waterfalls,​ you have water mills. the​ resultant energy is​ not due to​ the​ stream of​ water but it​ is​ due to​ its concentration. By focusing a​ widespread area in​ a​ smaller area,​ you generate power.

The aim of​ Yoga of​ Meditation is​ to​ concentrate mental thought scattering in​ one small area of​ thought. the​ more an​ individual succeeds in​ concentrating his mind,​ the​ more his psyche will radiate with power. Like an​ arrow of​ word,​ it​ is​ easy for him to​ attain his goal. if​ spirituality is​ his aim,​ he will advance spiritually and his psyche will radiate with Ridhi-Sidhi or​ what are called Divine Powers. if​ the​ aim is​ material progress,​ we​ will attain this goal too. in​ whichever appropriate direction this energy is​ used,​ it​ will reap good dividends.

Concentration/ focusing means overcoming the​ wasteful scattering of​ the​ thought waves of​ our mind. By obstructing the​ water flow of​ a​ small stream,​ a​ dam is​ created and thus a​ small pond,​ lake is​ created. Then artificial streams are created from this lake which give water to​ far off arid regions. if​ this stream were not converted into a​ dam,​ it​ would have lashed at​ the​ shores and caused wasteful flooding in​ surrounding regions. This would lead to​ material destruction in​ that region. One should not look upon the​ thought flow in​ our mind as​ less important when compared to​ a​ hydroelectricity generator. the​ power of​ an​ electricity powerhouse is​ limited and can transmit electricity to​ a​ very limited region in​ its vicinity. But this cannot be said about the​ mind. Its potential of​ today can be augmented infinite fold in​ the​ future. Its area of​ influence which is​ today limited to​ the​ family and friends will in​ future encompass the​ entire world.

Generally people of​ great authority like scientists,​ philosophers,​ artists,​ scholars,​ sculptors,​ authors,​ managers,​ leaders etc are like ordinary laymen. Their body is​ very ordinary and their minds lack a​ magical wand. Whatever difference one perceives in​ them alongwith the​ miracle of​ their greatness,​ is​ a​ result of​ their inner special qualities which in​ turn are related to​ the​ focusing capacity of​ their mind and their steadfastness in​ reaching the​ desired goal. Everybody possesses infinite amount of​ intellectual energy. to​ the​ extent that weak brained individuals too have a​ lot of​ radiance. the​ difference only is​ this that some have activated this radiance and the​ rest have not done so. Even a​ very wise person is​ like a​ dead corpse when he is​ in​ deep sleep. But on​ waking up,​ he manifests his intellectual brilliance. This holds true for the​ brain too. Due to​ certain circumstances,​ the​ intellectual powers of​ some people remains latent and thus look weak intellectually. But if​ their intellect is​ activated with effort,​ not only will they be as​ brilliant as​ other wise people but sometimes they will march ahead of​ them too.

Everyone knows that many threads unite together to​ form a​ strong rope and many broomsticks join together to​ form a​ broom. Many drops of​ water constitute a​ jugful of​ water. This example is​ given to​ accept the​ fact that by obstructing the​ wayward scattering of​ the​ intellect,​ one can focus/ concentrate one’s thought waves at​ a​ focal point. One can easily understand that wayward scattering of​ thoughts in​ various directions diminishes our mental prowess and that if​ these thoughts are concentrated at​ one single point,​ it​ will give us miraculous mental strength.

By advancing mental concentration,​ great scientists,​ Yogis,​ philosophers etc. enter the​ deep ocean called the​ mind and thus collect priceless jewels. Those who just float on​ the​ surface of​ the​ sea,​ attain nothing but those who dive deep into it,​ attain priceless materials. Superficial thinking is​ like a​ wayward blade of​ grass moving aimlessly here and there. On the​ other hand focusing one’s thought waves at​ a​ single point in​ the​ psyche via meditation gives miraculous results.

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