Designing The Perfect And Safe Workstation Following Osha Guidelines In
Crafting The 21st Century Workplace

Designing The Perfect And Safe Workstation Following Osha Guidelines In Crafting The 21st Century Workplace

Designing the​ Perfect And Safe Workstation: Following Osha Guidelines In Crafting the​ 21st Century Workplace
If you are the​ owner,​ operator or​ manager of​ a​ business enterprise in​ the​ 21st century,​ you undoubtedly find yourself spending a​ good deal of​ time contemplating how you best can go about taking the​ steps necessary to​ making certain that your workplace is​ the​ best suited and safest possible environment for your employees .​
In that regard,​ you may find yourself confused about where you can find the​ most reliable and accurate information in​ regard to​ creating and crafting an​ ergonomically ideal office or​ work place.
If you have questions in​ regard to​ developing a​ ergonomically correct environment for your team of​ employees,​ you will want to​ pay close attention to​ the​ guidelines that have been developed by OSHA in​ this regard .​
OSHA can now easily be accessed through the​ Internet and World Wide Web at​
In regard to​ OSHA guidelines,​ the​ agency has been very specific in​ its own development of​ guidelines relating to​ developing an​ ergonomically correct working environment .​
For example,​ the​ agency even has developed specific guidelines relating to​ keyboard trays that are utilized as​ part of​ a​ workstation in​ a​ business setting.
When it​ comes to​ keyboard trays,​ OSHA recommends that keyboard trays should be wide enough to​ accommodate not only the​ keyboard itself but all other peripheral devices -- including the​ mouse .​
Too often,​ these items are spread apart in​ such a​ manner that they end up causing injury to​ employees in​ both the​ short and the​ long term .​
These physical problems generally can be avoided by paying attention to​ this guideline recommendation.
In addition,​ when using a​ keyboard tray,​ it​ is​ suggested that the​ tray be kept in​ a​ position that is​ 22 to​ 28 inches from the​ floor (assuming that the​ computer user will be in​ a​ sitting position).
Finally,​ keyboard trays that are utilized in​ a​ workstation should include adjustment mechanisms that lock into position without the​ need for turning knobs .​
Too often such knobs are tightened excessively which can result in​ damage to​ the​ equipment itself and make it​ difficult for an​ employee to​ utilize.
More information on​ OSHA workstation and workplace ergonomic guidelines can be found at​ the​ agency’s website on​ the​ Net .​
The website itself is​ very user friendly and has a​ wealth of​ information relating to​ creating and maintaining truly safe work environments for employees across the​ country,​ in​ all major occupations.

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