Depression Treatment Pick Yoga Over Medications For Anti Depression

Depression Treatment Pick Yoga Over Medications For Anti Depression

Depression Treatment Pick Yoga over Medications for Antidepression
I have been practicing Yoga for close to​ 5 years now. ​
Prior to​ this time,​ my life had been a​ daytoday existence erected by symptoms of​ depression and​ low selfesteem. ​
Aggravated by marring acne and​ burdensome Asthma symptoms,​ not feeling depressed was usually a​ rare occurrence. ​
a​ rare occurrence that is; until I ​ discovered Yoga and​ how it​ could help with depression treatment.
It’s not a​ surprise that I ​ was not alone during this time as​ research has shown that some form of​ depression treatment medication is​ offered to​ over 20 million Americans annually. ​
However,​ what should be the​ main cause of​ concern are the​ many side effects common to​ these antidepression ​Drug​s. ​
Effective as​ they may be for a​ while,​ it’s been noted that these depression ​Drug​s have several side effects which may include nausea,​ fatigue,​ insomnia and​ some sexual dysfunctions. ​

Thankfully,​ as​ with nearly any human ailment,​ at ​ least in​ its not fatal stages,​ ​Drug​free healing is​ not limited to​ curing any discomfortincluding depression and​ this without these sideeffects. ​
One standout alternative for depression treatment my friends will be the​ incomparable Yoga.
How is​ this so? Well,​ first of​ all,​ with Yoga and​ its gentle movements and​ poses,​
Alpha waves relaxation and​ Theta waves unconscious memory,​ dreams and​ emotions tend to​ increase significantly after its execution. ​
This finding is​ based on​ a​ Scandinavian study conducted by Eric Hoffman,​ Ph.D.,​ that measured brain waves before and​ after a​ twohour Yoga class. ​

As a​ result,​ you tend to​ have more contact with your own subconscious and​ emotions. ​
Moreover,​ after its use,​ alpha waves increases in​ the​ right temporal region of​ the​ brain as​ other studies have shown that people with depression tend to​ have more alpha activity in​ the​ left frontaltemporal region,​ while optimistic,​ extroverted people have more alpha activity on​ the​ right.
Moreover,​ with the​ execution of​ Yoga,​ a​ noted reduction in​ the​ hormone known as​ cortisol and​ increase in​ the​ hormone prolactin occurs—which is​ believed by many professionals to​ be the​ key in​ producing the​ antidepressant effect of​ electroshock therapy
If this all sounds a​ bit advanced,​ perhaps a​ simpler illustration of​ how Yoga works effectively for depression treatment may be that it​ exercises the​ motor centers of​ the​ brain,​ making the​ blood flow away from the​ emotional activity center; consequently one becomes more receptive to​ positive thoughts. ​

Although this can be accomplished by the​ use of​ several Yoga poses,​ I ​ will narrow the​ wide array of​ choices down to​ three simple yet very effective ones namely the​ Sun Salutations,​ Shoulder Stand and​ Relaxation poses.
Depression Treatment Choice of​ Yoga Poses for depression help
1. ​
The Sun Salutations
The sun exercises stimulates and​ balances all systems of​ the​ body including the​ endocrine and​ nervous systems that have marked effects on​ our emotions,​ furthermore they induce deep breathing,​ which has been known over the​ ages to​ help alleviate many a​ stressful situation. ​
Performed in​ rounds of​ 3,​ they actually are a​ combination of​ very simple movements executed in​ a​ flowing motion. ​
Although they are usually a​ warm up to​ other Yoga poses,​ they can stand on​ their own as​ a​ Yoga session so you may not have to​ spend too much time to​ reap Yoga’s benefits as​ an alternative treatment for depression.
2. ​
The Shoulder Stand
In spite of​ what its name may suggest,​ no worries,​ this pose is​ indeed very easy to​ execute and​ is​ the​ one pose that both old and​ new Yoga Instructors and​ writers view as​ near panacea for most human ailments including depression. ​
it​ is​ essentially a​ very easy inversion pose that I ​ see most kids practicing unknowingly…most of​ us have at ​ some point,​ so again,​ it’s really easy. ​
Being that you’re inverted,​ everything is​ turned upside down,​ throwing a​ new light on​ old behavioral patterns. ​
Working together with its counter poses,​ you will see for yourself what this pose can do for depression treatment.
3. ​
The Relaxation Pose
Daddy of​ them all! as​ the​ name suggests; it​ involves lying motionless on​ one’s back with emphasis on​ deep,​ even breathing and​ meditation. ​
it​ is​ usually performed for several minutes to​ alleviate stress and​ mental tension and​ positive affirmations such as​ helpful verses from religious books could be mentally repeated during its execution.
Being a​ Christian myself,​ one of​ my favorite verses while executing this pose will be a​ personalized derivative of​ Rom 12 2I am being transformed by the​ renewing of​ my thoughts.
Depression Treatment Closing Thoughts on​ Other Factors.
No one is​ saying that Yoga POSES alone will be the​ end all be all of​ your depression. ​
No. ​
Poses alone DO NOT constitute Yoga. ​
Breathing exercises known as​ pranayama,​ Meditation,​ which could be rooted in​ your religious or​ spiritual beliefs and​ a​ proper dietall being important limbs of​ Yoga,​ should be used in​ your use of​ Yoga for depression treatment. ​

These limbs will be subjects of​ other articles to​ save space; however,​ for a​ depression treatment alternative without unwanted and​ oft times harmful side effects,​ dare I ​ say ​Drug​free healing using simple Yoga principles and​ natural methods might be your best bet,​ it​ did work for me.
So the​ next time depression sends you to​ the​ doctor,​ you may do well to​ ask for a​ new prescription for depression treatmentYoga. ​
I ​ believe it​ won’t hurt and​ possibly could help you immensely.

Depression Treatment Pick Yoga Over Medications For Anti Depression

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