Defying Hair Loss At Any Age

Defying Hair Loss At Any Age

Defying Hair Loss at​ Any Age
Lets face it,​ hair loss is​ not a​ welcome change at​ any age. With more than 70 percent of​ men experiencing male pattern baldness at​ some point in​ their lives,​ many of​ them seek a​ remedy.
Hair loss treatments come in​ many varieties,​ but only a​ few work. Possibly the​ most reliable and permanent solution to​ this problem is​ hair transplantation a​ minor surgical procedure done under local anesthesia.
Regardless of​ a​ mans age or​ amount of​ baldness,​ the​ latest techniques in​ hair transplantation can provide what hair loss sufferers want the​ most a​ confident,​ more youthful appearance.
Bill Wellington,​ an 83yearold retired CIA economist and Army Air Force Pilot originally from Detroit,​ first started noticing his hair loss at​ 14 or​ 15. in​ college,​ he secretly studied hair loss on​ his own and even talked to​ a​ hair consultant,​ hoping to​ find a​ remedy. Despite these attempts,​ he continued to​ lose his hair.
One college hockey teammate remarked that Wellington refused to​ wet his hair in​ the​ shower for​ fear of​ losing it.
I ​ always carried that element of​ personal insecurity that surfaced when I ​ prepared for​ work or​ showered after hockey. it​ was the​ receding hair line,​ Wellington said.
When he fought in​ World War II,​ he used his helmet and cap to​ conceal his problem,​ but it​ stayed on​ his mind. Years later,​ after he left the​ Army and had a​ successful career and a​ loving family,​ his hair loss continued to​ bother him.
The biggest problem,​ he says,​ was his loss of​ self confidence which stemmed from his baldness. for​ instance,​ while taking a​ family photo,​ his children commented,​ Hey Dad,​ youre really getting bald.
The old comic reply,​ hair today,​ gone tomorrow got a​ chuckle but did little to​ bolster my ego,​ Wellington said.
After attending a​ free seminar on​ hair transplantation,​ he decided to​ get treatment from the​ doctors at​ Elliott & True,​ a​ medical practice specializing in​ hair transplantation,​ and he has been satisfied ever since. He still plays organized hockey for​ a​ Maryland seniors team called the​ GeriHatricks,​ which he named. He says younger players always compliment his healthylooking hair.
At the​ office of​ doctors Robert H. True and Robert J. Dorin,​ patients from 25 to​ 80 get their own natural,​ growing hair back thanks to​ the​ latest hair transplant technology.
The results are quite impressive nowadays,​ and they seem to​ have the​ same positive effect on​ a​ patients wellbeing,​ regardless of​ his age,​ True said .

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