Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving

There are many different aspects that are taught during defensive driving training.

They range from simple techniques, such as​ slowing down when approaching a​ stationary school bus, to​ more advanced techniques that teach the driver to​ control a​ vehicle that has started to​ lose control in​ slippery road conditions.

Defensive driving is​ not just for​ those people who have had a​ court order to​ attend a​ course after receiving a​ traffic offence. Defensive driving will benefit almost anyone who operates a​ motor vehicle.

Many defensive driving courses are held at​ local race tracks where the students are safe in​ the knowledge that there aren't any other road users to​ contend with.

The courses involve car handling skills, by driving through cones placed at​ varying spaces whilst approaching at​ various speeds.

Other tests involve sudden braking on​ slippery surfaces and​ cornering on​ equally slippery surfaces.

Drivers are also taught how to​ react when unusual events occur, such as​ a​ child running out onto the road to​ chase a​ ball.

Many defensive driving courses have specially modified vehicles that are designed to​ allow the occupants to​ experience the effects of​ lost driver control through a​ skid.

It is​ through this​ knowledge of​ how a​ car can lose control, and​ the specialist advice that they are taught that the driver learns to​ handle the situation​ if​ it​ occurs.

Defensive driving courses teach, first and​ foremost, how to​ avoid certain​ circumstances, and​ then secondly, if​ these circumstances are unavoidable, they teach the driver the best solution​ to​ handle the vehicle safely.

Good driving habits are also a​ priority in​ the courses with drivers taught to​ allow sufficient room between themselves and​ the cars they are following to​ stop safely in​ an​ emergency braking situation.

for​ anyone who is​ considering attending a​ defensive driving course, it​ is​ wise to​ check first with the local authorities for​ advice on​ which providers offer the best services.

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