Defensive Driving What Are The Choices

Defensive Driving What Are The Choices

At some point in​ our driving years I suspect most all of​ us have to​ take defensive driving, whether to​ get rid of​ a​ ticket or​ maybe to​ just lower our insurance. for​ many years you​ only had one option, traffic school. But times and​ the options have changed.

Traffic school used to​ consist of​ getting up early on​ a​ Saturday morning or​ spending two nights during the week sitting in​ a​ classroom, listening to​ a​ instructor speak in​ a​ monotone voice and​ watching old 16mm films with 1950’s cars and​ actors explaining the right and​ wrong way to​ drive a​ car. Although that option​ is​ probably available if​ you​ look for​ it, these days defensive driving class has gone high tech.

So what are the choices?

* - Traffic school with a​ twist: Some of​ the options you​ can choose from if​ you’re looking for​ an​ in-class experience is​ humorous traffic school, traffic school with a​ meal, juggling and​ magic defensive driving classes.

* - Online defensive driving: Yes the power of​ the Internet has fueled the growth of​ online defensive driving. Taking the course online can have its drawbacks, especially if​ you​ don’t have broadband​ access.

* - DVD or​ VHS defensive driving: you​ can rent these at​ your​ local video store and​ now at​ least one school, is​ offering customers the ability to​ order the course online, have it​ delivered to​ their door and​ then keep the dvd or​ vhs. That’s right, no returns so of​ course that means no late fees.

So what's right for​ you? Well, this​ article can't answer that question​ but you​ can. you​ need to​ consider your​ schedule, how quickly your​ court date is​ coming, how important taking a​ class alone or​ with people is​ to​ you​ and​ maybe even what it​ takes to​ keep your​ head into it.

With these additional choices, taking defensive driving class should no longer be as​ big of​ an​ inconvenience since with two of​ the choices you​ can take them around your​ schedule and​ even in​ your​ underwear if​ you​ want.

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