Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive driving courses generally help an​ individual to​ hone up his driving skills even if​ he has had his license before and​ is​ an​ experienced driver. The basic concept behind such a​ course is​ to​ make an​ individual trained so that he could react to​ the mistakes made by other drivers on​ the road and​ avoid an​ accident.

Defensive driving courses in​ a​ way assume that even if​ you​ drive carefully there are always those rash drivers who will either jump the red light or​ would take a​ sudden u-turn without making any signal, and​ you​ need to​ be ready when they do.

Most people enroll themselves for​ a​ defensive driving courses because having completed such a​ course not only makes his drive home safer, but it​ also entitles him to​ certain​ privileges. He gets a​ discount on​ his insurance premium, his points on​ his driving record get reduced, and​ to​ cap it​ all, some states even dismiss tickets issued against a​ person​ who has completed his defensive driving course.

Defensive driving courses can be attended either in​ a​ driving school or​ one can enroll for​ such a​ course online. Whatever mode he chooses, he should first clarify what courses satisfy his state's requirements.

There are a​ lot of​ rules that a​ driver is​ taught to​ follow in​ a​ defensive driving course. The first and​ foremost thing that one needs to​ remember is​ to​ pay attention. The commonest explanation​ after an​ accident is​ that they had not seen the other man approaching. The only way out is​ to​ be alert, always. Another important rule to​ follow is​ not to​ trust any driver on​ the road.

It is​ always better to​ maintain​ a​ safe distance from a​ car in​ front. One should also remember that even if​ he follows the traffic lights someone else might not. it​ is​ also advised that under no circumstances should one not wear his seat belt. Many an​ accident injury could be averted if​ the people inside the car strapped themselves up properly.

A defensive driving course also emphasizes that a​ person​ should drive only if​ he is​ sober. Even if​ he is​ feeling sleepy it​ is​ advised that he should stay away from the wheel. it​ is​ also instructed that speed limits be followed strictly. a​ driver is​ advised to​ avoid all sorts of​ distractions while driving such as​ listening to​ the radio or​ talking on​ the phone.

One should also slow down in​ case of​ rain​ or​ snow. it​ is​ recommended that an​ eye should also be kept on​ the pedestrians and​ their pets so that nothing untoward happens if​ they stray on​ to​ the driveway. in​ fact one is​ also given tips regarding riding a​ bike, for​ example it​ is​ suggested that one wear a​ protective head gear while riding.

The list of​ such laws goes on. One needs to​ go through them thoroughly and​ put them to​ practice on​ the road. One becomes a​ much safer and​ secure driver and​ at​ the same time also gets to​ enjoy a​ few privileges for​ being so – this​ is​ the best part of​ such defensive driving courses.

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