Decorum In Teaching

Decorum In Teaching

Decorum in​ Teaching
One reason​ that many if​ not most teachers go into teaching in​ the first place is​ that you​ have a​ love of​ children or​ of​ youth and​ you​ not only love teaching them but you​ love hanging around with them .​
Teachers are very often driven by an​ inner passion​ for​ their students and​ for​ the subject matter that is​ their primary reason​ for​ showing up to​ teach the children of​ others in​ the first place .​
It takes that kind of​ passion​ to​ overcome the many obstacles, difficulties and​ roadblocks that are thrown in​ the way of​ the teaching process not to​ mention​ the low pay.
As a​ result teachers as​ a​ rule tend to​ be people driven more by passion​ and​ values than by money or​ even career advancement .​
Teaching is​ a​ profession​ where you​ will see a​ teacher work for​ decades just teaching algebra to​ 7th graders and​ never moving on​ .​
He or​ she is​ not stuck at​ that job level .​
That is​ just the nature of​ the teaching profession​ because teachers at​ heart are driven to​ teach .​

But it​ is​ important to​ know about decorum in​ teaching as​ well .​
you​ enjoy your​ students and​ that warm relationship between teacher and​ student creates the chemistry that makes class time work so well .​
But there are limits to​ how much you​ can show your​ affection​ and​ areas you​ need to​ be aware of​ to​ avoid any appearance of​ impropriety between teacher and​ student .​
Some rules of​ behavior that must become as​ much a​ part of​ how you​ tick as​ your​ lesson​ plans and​ grading system are…
. Limit your​ expressions of​ friendliness to​ smiles and​ supportive statements about the student academically .​
Never compliment how a​ student looks or​ imply that you​ like or​ love a​ student even though the act of​ teaching does generate warm relationships and​ emotions about your​ kids.
. if​ at​ all possible, never touch a​ student .​
this​ is​ a​ difficult rule to​ follow because the very act of​ being in​ the same classroom with 20-30 students for​ hours at​ a​ time makes physical contact hard to​ avoid .​
But limit intentional contact especially if​ it​ is​ to​ show affection​ .​
It can be misinterpreted way too easily.
. Watch your​ eyes, especially male teachers and​ especially in​ the junior high and​ high school grade levels .​
Students are very aware of​ the physical picture they present to​ the world .​
It is​ especially difficult to​ mind this​ rule when the girls in​ your​ class dress in​ a​ way that draws the eye even if​ you​ mean nothing by it .​
you​ have to​ develop almost a​ physical discipline to​ focus your​ eyes on​ the faces of​ the students you​ teach because even if​ you​ are thinking of​ something else entirely and​ your​ eyes rest somewhere that might be misunderstood, that can lead to​ trouble.
. Never be alone with a​ student of​ either gender .​
this​ is​ even more for​ your​ protection​ than it​ is​ for​ the protection​ of​ the student .​

Many of​ these kind of​ decorum rules are to​ avoid the possibility of​ being falsely accused of​ some form of​ inappropriate behavior .​
Sadly because there has been widely publicized inappropriate behavior between students and​ teachers, good teachers everywhere have had to​ learn to​ live in​ this​ austere way because overzealous parents, fellow teachers, volunteers or​ even students can see something and​ decide to​ make an​ issue of​ it .​
and​ once something like that gets started, it​ is​ very difficult to​ stop.

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