Decorative Throws

Furniture throws are a​ concept that is​ continually over looked by people who are trying to​ redecorate on​ a​ budget. a​ quality throw, in​ the right color and​ material, is​ a​ small, yet significant way to​ enliven any room and​ a​ trick that many designers and​ decorators utilize to​ enhance and​ finish a​ room.

Throws are perfect accent pieces for​ your​ floor, sofa, wall or​ table. These products look perfect with all traditional interior designs. to​ update the look of​ your​ furniture, choose from a​ selection​ of​ woven throws such as​ Chocolate Boucle Shetland​ Throw, Petrol Nadia Throw, Aqua Stella Throw and​ various other colors and​ patterns. The selection​ is​ endless.

All furniture cover throws have classic fringed bottoms and​ are machine washable. The comforting texture of​ the fabric will instantly move you​ to​ a​ state of​ relaxation. Buy your​ throw slipcovers with confidence.
Sometimes the smallest changes revitalize a​ tired design. The same old worn looking sofa suddenly appears so much better just by adding a​ carefully selected throw. Add a​ touch of​ drama with a​ colorful throw if​ the upholstery is​ plain. for​ more information​ visit us at​

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