Decorative Contact Lenses Tips And Trends

Decorative Contact Lenses Tips And Trends

Decorative contact lenses are otherwise known as​ Halloween contact lenses and​ Special effects contact lenses. These kind of​ decorative lenses are mainly used in​ films, television, theatres and​ rock concerts. Nowadays, it​ is​ also available to​ people of​ all walks of​ like at​ a​ very affordable price. Decorative lenses are available in​ almost all kinds of​ colors, shapes and​ forms, to​ name a​ few are red eyed alien, green eyed reptile, zebra stripes, flowers, stars etc. Some of​ the latest trends and​ styles include hypnotic spirals, wolf eyes, eagle eyes, flames, all black, bloodshot eyes, all white etc. The decorative contact lenses could provide the perfect finishing touch in​ bringing out the character of​ the costume into life.

Decorative contact lenses can completely transform the appearance of​ the person​ by either covering the entire sclera or​ covering just the pupil of​ the eye. The decorative lenses covering the entire sclera (the entire white part of​ the eyes) create a​ fully transformed effect. The styles and​ designs are timeless and​ timely.

Decorative lenses can be very harmful to​ the eye, even leading to​ permanent eye injury or​ blindness when they are made out of​ improper materials or​ used improperly. Decorative lenses should be purchased after consultation​ with the doctor to​ avoid any injuries to​ the eye. it​ is​ advised by the FDA to​ get such decorative contact lenses from a​ licensed eye care professional.

Taking care of​ decorative contact lenses:

Although decorative contact lenses are very similar to​ that of​ the ordinary contact lenses, they are used to​ match the costume for​ fun and​ used only for​ short durations are has to​ be taken while handling such medical devices as​ it​ is​ worn by the precious part of​ the body – the eyes.

All that is​ required to​ take care of​ the decorative lenses are a​ pair of​ plastic tweezers, case to​ hold the contact lenses, no rub multipurpose cleaning solution​ etc. it​ is​ always good to​ wash the hands with mild soap before handling the decorative contact lenses as​ the hands might carry bacteria or​ fungus. Tweezers can be used to​ pick the lenses so that they do not tear. it​ can be rinsed well with a​ no rub multipurpose lens solution​ and​ then inserted in​ the eye. After use too the contact lenses should be rinsed with the solution​ and​ placed in​ the case with a​ fresh lens solution​ to​ avoid contamination.

Decorative Contact Lenses Tips And Trends

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