Decorations Make Any House A Home

Decorations Make Any House A Home

Can you​ tell the difference between entering a​ house and​ a​ home? if​ so, what makes the difference to​ you? is​ it​ something about the way a​ living space looks that helps you​ decide? or​ perhaps it​ is​ a​ feeling, something about the atmosphere that makes a​ house different than a​ home? I guess that there are many factors that could account for​ the differences we all experience as​ we enter a​ living space. for​ me, one of​ the biggest things that helps me determine whether a​ living space feels like a​ house or​ a​ home is​ decorations.

you​ know how it​ is. you​ enter someone's house and​ look around to​ see nothing but blank walls and​ minimal furniture. you​ silently wonder how they live in​ a​ place as​ drab and​ uninviting as​ this. There is​ no art work, no color, and​ certainly no sense of​ ownership and​ pride about the house you​ are seeing. it​ seems like they haven't put in​ any time to​ adding decorations or​ the touches that make a​ house seem like more than a​ house.

Enter house two. From the time you​ walk through the front door all of​ your​ senses are awakened. There is​ a​ wonderful smell coming from the candles burning throughout the house, and​ the lighting of​ the candles isn't too bad either. The house is​ bursting with color and​ personality, almost as​ if​ it​ reflects something about the people who live there. The walls, bookshelves, and​ furniture are all a​ part of​ the decorations that fill this​ home and​ make anyone want to​ spend time there.

Most everyone I know wants to​ have a​ home rather than a​ house. They want their living space to​ feel lived in, inviting, and​ special. They want their home to​ reflect who they are and​ the things they care about, and​ they certainly want it​ to​ be filled with amazing colors, great textures and​ smells, and​ a​ lot of​ great decorations.

The good news for​ you​ is​ that regardless of​ what your​ house looks like now, you​ can transform your​ space into a​ wonderful home by doing a​ few simple things. Don't be afraid to​ experiment and​ try risky things in​ your​ space, after all, it​ is​ your​ own. if​ there is​ a​ crazy color or​ a​ unique couch that you​ like, just go for​ it. Gather ideas from friends and​ buy a​ few decorating magazines to​ see what is​ in​ styleas you​ begin.

No matter what you​ decide to​ do to​ transform your​ house into a​ home, make sure you​ fill your​ home with great decorations that are truly your​ taste and​ that allow all of​ your​ guests to​ feel welcomed and​ comfortable.

Decorations Make Any House A Home

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