Decorating Your Outdoor Room On The Cheap

Outdoor rooms are extremely popular these days, and​ not just amongst the rich and​ famous! you​ can squeeze an​ outdoor room in​ almost any space, and​ decorate it​ to​ match the style and​ mood of​ your​ home, inexpensively!

Any room needs furniture, and​ an​ outdoor room is​ no exception. However, much of​ the patio furniture on​ the market today is​ quite expensive. you​ can make inexpensive resin​ chairs work for​ you, however. There are new varieties with a​ texture to​ them that looks more like wood than their slick plastic counterparts did. Look for​ these! Also, the white Adirondack resin​ chairs sell at​ my local discount stores from $11 to​ $15, and​ look amazingly like the real painted wood chairs, especially from a​ distance. Dress up your​ new chairs with some cushions, and​ they will fit right in​ to​ any décor! you​ can also now spray paint those chairs with a​ new paint from Krylon​ called Fusion. Pick it​ up for​ about $4 and​ customize cheap plastic chairs. (Hint: Look at​ garage sales for​ used ones you​ can repaint!)

Once you​ have your​ furniture in​ place, time to​ think privacy. Hopefully, you​ are protected on​ at​ least one side by a​ wall, fence, or​ building. a​ great way to​ offer yourself some more private moments is​ to​ use a​ trellis as​ an​ extra wall, and​ plant fast growing vines at​ its base. you​ can anchor the trellis in​ a​ planter to​ make a​ moveable wall. Morning glories, scarlet runner beans, and​ moonflower will all cover your​ new “wall” in​ no time!

if​ your​ outdoor room is​ protected in​ part from the weather, fabric curtains can be used outdoors as​ well. I suggest using cheap flat sheets and​ either a​ staple gun or​ a​ grommet kit. Cheap muslin​ can work as​ well, and​ is​ so inexpensive it​ can just be replaced the next year! this​ is​ a​ great technique for​ the end of​ a​ porch or​ deck, and​ can help control the sun as​ well. Be sure to​ use tiebacks for​ those times you​ want to​ let the breezes blow through.

Lighting is​ so often overlooked in​ outdoor rooms because of​ its expensive nature, but this​ doesn’t have to​ be the case. Candles and​ torches are wonderful for​ outdoor meals, and​ solar lights can be used for​ safety, without the expense of​ electrical installation. Strings of​ clear holiday lights are magical wrapped around a​ tree, or​ over a​ porch beam. Luminerias can be created with recycled cans and​ a​ punch tool, then drop a​ candle inside.

Finally, don’t forget accessories to​ add charm and​ style to​ your​ outdoor rooms! Pick up some unfinished bird houses at​ the craft store, and​ decorate them with paint, then hang in​ a​ group on​ the garden fence or​ wall. Use scrap lumber to​ paint signs for​ your​ garden room with inspirational sayings, or​ words. Use your​ hand​ tools as​ décor items and​ hang them on​ the fence or​ wall. Lean an​ old picket fence against the porch wall,( or​ a​ new one, you​ can get a​ premade picket fence piece for​ around $8 at​ the home improvement center!) then place planters of​ flowers in​ front of​ it. Add cut flowers in​ pretty pitchers and​ bowls from the kitchen, pick up candles at​ the dollar shop, and​ lay out a​ fabric napkin​ or​ two as​ an​ impromptu tablecloth.

Any way you​ do it, an​ outdoor room is​ worth having in​ any home, and​ with a​ little creative thinking can be decorated with style, comfort, and​ the spirit of​ the seasons which coax us out of​ doors.

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