Decorating Your Home With Mirrors

Decorating Your Home With Mirrors

Putting mirrors in​ your​ house can do wonders, especially if​ you​ have limited space, or​ you​ just want to​ decorate your​ home. Why mirrors? Because mirrors enhance light and​ reflection, they could help improve what your​ house looks like. Mirrors can also simulate depth for​ houses with small rooms.

I. Top 10 Mirror Tips

10. Put large-sized mirrors in​ your​ house. you​ could, for​ instance, use mirrors that could span from the floor to​ the ceiling. you​ could put these mirrors on​ both sides of​ your​ fireplace. this​ would make your​ fireplace room larger and​ would reflect objects around the room.

9. you​ might want to​ have peer mirrors in​ the windows. Rooms with peer mirrors could have an​ added depth.

8. you​ could also install mirrors to​ cover wall blemishes. this​ would also save you​ refinishing costs. Instead of​ spending fortunes on​ repainting and​ refurnishing that part of​ the wall that got burned by candle or​ have dirt that cannot be removed, why not put a​ nice mirror there to​ hide the wall’s scar?

7. There are also movable mirrors that you​ could use. you​ could move the mirrors from time to​ time to​ have a​ different view of​ the house. in​ that way, you​ could have a​ new look in​ your​ house from time to​ time, depending on​ what location​ and​ items the mirrors are reflecting on.

6. you​ could also use small mirrors which could reflect on​ interesting objects. an​ area with aromatic candles could be given extra prominence if​ reflected on​ a​ mirror.

5. you​ could also have mirrored screens for​ you​ to​ illuminate a​ dark corner. you​ do not have to​ put bulbs or​ lights in​ every part of​ your​ house, thanks to​ mirrors. this​ would save you​ electricity costs.

4. There are also place mats that are mirrored. Dishes and​ accessories made of​ glass shimmer better than non-glass ones. Shop around for​ these utensils.

3. Ceilings could also be enhanced with mirrors. Mirrors on​ the ceiling create a​ “skylight” effect.

2. Kitchen backsplash could also be mirrored.

1. Room ceilings are not the only ceilings where you​ could put some mirrors on. Even pantry or​ cabinet ceilings could also be placed with mirrors. Putting mirrors on​ these ceilings would enable you​ to​ see the contents of​ the upper shelves.

II. Mirror Essentials

- you​ could also have basement windows that could reflect things happening in​ the ground level. it​ could also reflect what is​ happening in​ your​ yard above.

- Putting big mirrors in​ rooms, especially which have limited spaces, can provide bright and​ spacious feel. Putting some little plants or​ shrubs in​ places where mirrors could reflect on​ them. Putting some greenery will give the room an​ uplifting and​ relaxing ambiance.

- Mirrors can also put personality into one’s room. The mirrors, for​ example, in​ the master’s bedroom could be more formal; while mirrors in​ the children’s bedroom can be decorative and​ fun to​ look at.

- you​ could also put a​ large-sized decorative mirror on​ a​ wall with your​ picture adjacent on​ it. The mirror would reflect on​ the large picture, and​ the wall’s additional darker color would immediately give the room its much-needed depth. this​ would make the room to​ be viewed wider.

- Decorative mirrors could not just help enhance your​ rooms for​ its decoration​ purposes. But these distinctive mirrors could also show your​ personality, putting your​ personal lifestyle and​ taste into your​ room. in​ addition​ they also give the illusion​ of​ width, length, and​ height. Decorative mirrors could be combined with wall pictures, with contrasting colors.

- While it​ is​ also good to​ use frame mirrors over a​ sideboard or​ mantle since that is​ the traditional kind of​ mirror, you​ might want to​ consider other creative approaches such as​ putting large-scale mirrors on​ a​ floor leaning against the wall.

- Another beautiful way adding shimmer to​ an​ otherwise plain​ and​ ordinary table is​ by putting mirrored table toppers.

- you​ could ask a​ professional glass worker to​ make you​ some furniture using mirrors as​ embellishments.

Decorating Your Home With Mirrors

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