Decorating Your Home With Feng Shui

Decorating your​ Home With Feng Shui
Feng Shui is​ the practice of​ bringing good fortune by achieving balance between various elements. in​ the US, more people are beginning to​ consult Feng Shui experts in​ decorating their homes. for​ you​ to​ understand​ what they say, you​ need to​ learn the basic Feng Shui areas that need your​ attention​ so you​ will be able to​ decorate it​ properly.
The first step is​ to​ draw a​ layout of​ your​ home. When you​ are doing it, you​ are noting down the north points in​ the house.
Then it​ is​ time to​ work on​ the door. Ideally, the front and​ back door must never line up with each other. this​ is​ because according to​ the principles of​ Feng Shui, energy that enters the house will just go out without bringing any benefits to​ the homeowner. if​ this​ is​ the case in​ your​ home, put a​ plant or​ any other obstruction​ with an angled throw rug to​ encourage a​ path in​ a​ sideways direction.
To bring more energy in​ the home, bring in​ some light. this​ doesn’t mean turning the lights on​ but simply opening up the curtains so the sun can come in. you​ should also add green plants since in​ Feng Shui, the color itself brings joy and​ happiness. Other decorative items you​ can use include mirrors, wind chimes and​ brighter colors.
you​ can also bring good fortune to​ the home by putting in​ an indoor water fountain. this​ is​ because water refreshes Chi. at​ the same time, you​ can throw in​ some goldfish as​ this​ also encourages wealth. Just make sure to​ keep the pond clean and​ never let it​ stagnate.
Red is​ a​ very strong color in​ Feng Shui because it​ is​ hot, passionate, rich and​ celebratory. you​ must use this​ color for​ a​ living room set because too much of​ it​ may bring restlessness, a​ burst of​ anger and​ over stimulation. if​ you​ want to​ use it, use it​ only for​ details and​ accessories.
When you​ note down the north point of​ the home, it​ will be easy for​ you​ to​ work in​ other areas such as​ the southwest area of​ the house. this​ area is​ vital because it​ will allow you​ to​ have satisfying relationships. you​ can do this​ by eliminating clutter and​ replacing it​ with symbolic items ideally in​ pairs. Some good examples are candles and​ other figurines. Never make the mistake of​ putting wooden or​ green items here.
As for​ your​ dining room, the best ones to​ get are circles as​ this​ symbolizes heavenly blessings. The chairs should be even in​ number and​ comfortable to​ sit in. The décor should be simple so people will not get distracted and​ be more focused on​ having a​ good meal.
Watch out for​ exposed beams. if​ there are, these should be covered up because it​ creates an oppressive downward energetic flow that may cause health problems and​ other misfortunes in​ your​ life. The other option​ is​ to​ have two Feng Shui flutes installed at​ 45 degree angles on​ the beam, one at​ each end.
As for​ the bedroom, make sure that the bed is​ not directly facing the door. you​ shouldn’t also place a​ mirror on​ the opposite side of​ the bed as​ this​ could attract a​ third party into your​ relationship.
Peace and​ prosperity can only be achieved by decorating your​ home with Feng Shui. you​ can start now with some of​ the basics then get help if​ you​ think you​ need it.

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