Decorating Your Home Theater On A Budget

Decorating your​ Home Theater on​ a​ Budget
if​ you​ are fortunate enough to​ be building a​ room in​ your​ home that is​ dedicated to​ the purpose of​ watching movies or​ as​ a​ home theater it​ only makes sense that you​ would like to​ decorate the room in​ a​ manner that is​ completely befitting of​ its purpose .​
There are amazing options available within​ this​ growing market of​ decorating and​ generally, there are prices that are designed to​ match .​
The good news is​ that while art often imitates life, there is​ no reason​ that we can't imitate some of​ the great art we see in​ the movies or​ on​ televisions shows in​ our homes-at a​ fraction​ of​ the cost.
First of​ all, a​ really good home theater is​ an​ investment, particularly those that are generally used in​ private rooms .​
With that being said you​ will want to​ decorate your​ room in​ a​ manner that will not distract from your​ movie watching experience .​
There are many ways you​ can do this​ and​ many of​ them come at​ rather hefty costs for​ the average consumer .​
you​ do not have to​ purchase special lighting at​ $500 a​ pop when you​ can go to​ your​ local lighting or​ home improvement store and​ find excellent wall sconces that will be perfect for​ your​ home theater at​ a​ fraction​ of​ the cost for​ which you​ will find them at​ specialty stores catering to​ those building home theaters .​
for​ more low lighting options you​ can use inexpensive strings of​ rope lighting or​ even Christmas tree lights in​ order to​ provide some light without risking a​ glare on​ the screen.
Rather than hanging expensive drapery on​ the walls in​ your​ home theater you​ can apply textured paint in​ dark colors in​ order to​ avoid distracting glares .​
your​ local retailer may encourage you​ to​ soundproof​ your​ walls and​ you​ are the only one that can really decide if​ that is​ necessary .​
I​ personally would pass, particularly if​ your​ home theater is​ going to​ be in​ a​ basement, which is​ typically somewhat removed from the rest of​ your​ home and​ your​ family area .​
As far as​ flooring goes, darker carpeting is​ a​ good idea in​ most areas though possibly not the best in​ a​ basement .​
Cork makes a​ good flooring option​ for​ basement floors as​ is​ works to​ muffle sound from escaping the room in​ addition​ to​ a​ natural resistance to​ moisture related problems that may occasionally arise in​ a​ basement .​
It is​ also a​ very inexpensive flooring material that is​ highly underrated .​
I also recommend dark furnishing for​ your​ home theater .​
a​ good choice might be darkly colored sectional sofas if​ you​ want the family to​ enjoy the space together .​
I​ also recommend beanbags or​ other special seating for​ the little ones who may enjoy your​ home theater as​ well .​
this​ gives them their own seats and​ helps eliminate some of​ the bickering and​ squabbles that often arise over premium seating space.
The point is​ that you​ do not have to​ spend a​ fortune in​ order to​ create a​ great atmosphere that is​ totally conducive to​ an​ overall pleasant movie watching experience in​ your​ home theater .​
While I​ do not recommend a​ great deal of​ clutter along the walls in​ this​ particular room you​ can do great things with plastic popcorn boxes and​ flameless tea light candles along the floor .​
Let your​ imagination​ present creative options to​ the big-ticket items you​ see in​ the specialty shops you'll be amazed at​ some of​ the neat things you​ come up with.
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