Decorating Your Bedroom With Platform Bed

Decorating Your Bedroom With Platform Bed

Platform beds are in​ fashion. The Oriental look is​ one of​ ‘the-rage’ model for​ modern furniture buffs, and​ seems so for​ sound reasons too. if​ you​ wonder, what exactly a​ platform bed means, look up its definition, ‘spring less beds with a​ raised, flat, hard, horizontal surface meant to​ support a​ mattress’. There are many factors that favor platform beds and​ its great design. The height is​ a​ strong plus, for​ it​ has a​ lower profile than most regular beds and​ hence, is​ more convenient. Platform beds do not use box spring units, and​ are built using a​ structure of​ wooden slats. The look is​ much more unfussy, relaxed and​ looks neat in​ any space.

It is​ much easier to​ decorate a​ platform bed. if​ you​ like, use Oriental looking duvets, and​ comforters against a​ plain​ scheme to​ bring out the features. Regular Western patterns look great too. Some of​ the platform bed models extend up to​ the ground, so your​ bed skirts won’t work well with hiding stuff below (good for​ all, solution). Then there are some box models that look just great while offering you​ the ease of​ storage, those extra linen and​ pillow covers, sheets and​ blankets you​ keep wondering where to​ place.

One of​ the reasons for​ the growing popularity of​ platform beds is​ its casual looks and​ functionality. With the modern lifestyle, space has acquired new meaning and​ value, and​ the added utility plays a​ vital role in​ our lives. you​ can find some swish leather platform beds with storage room or​ box underneath that not just looks chic, but happens to​ also be quite functional and​ practical. Since these beds have a​ low- profile stature than most conventional beds, they don’t seem to​ occupy much space. it​ is​ also the minimal design that bestows platform beds with simplicity, making it​ easier to​ match up with existing décor, as​ also with building themes around your​ bedroom area.

Usually, the popular Oak and​ Maple hardwood is​ used for​ construction. as​ to​ which is​ best, it​ really depends on​ your​ choice of​ the grain​ and​ finish, as​ each of​ it​ has a​ special tone. There are metal platform beds too, made from rolled steel that are quite popular. you​ also get ready-made suites that take away all the burden of​ matching up a​ dresser, closet, nightstand​ or​ lamp. it​ seems like a​ worthwhile idea to​ invest in​ a​ suite and​ then do the other details like walls, rugs and​ décor. and​ the quality and​ harmony is​ all there.

Selecting a​ bedroom set can be one of​ the most rewarding exercises. it​ takes a​ bit of​ time to​ round up on​ possibilities within​ your​ bedroom area. But if​ you​ are sure about your​ likings, it​ becomes all the more effortless to​ pick out.

Decorating Your Bedroom With Platform Bed

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