Decorating With Interior Shutters

Decorating With Interior Shutters

There is​ more than one way to​ dress up a​ window. Sure most people think of​ curtains and​ drapes because they are often ready made and​ easily hung. What they might not realize is​ that interior shutters are a​ beautiful, traditional window treatment that can be used with or​ without other types of​ window dressings.

Interior Shutters Versus Blinds & Shades

There are window coverings and​ window dressings or​ treatments. Both serve different purposes and​ add to​ the overall look of​ the décor. to​ the untrained in​ decorating (which may account for​ most husbands) a​ shade or​ blind that blocks out light and​ provides privacy may seem like a​ complete window treatment. There can be decorative blinds or​ shades, but their primary purpose is​ light control and​ privacy.

Window dressing on​ the other hand​ is​ what creates a​ complete look for​ the window and​ the entire room’s décor. a​ valance or​ curtain​ is​ the decorative element on​ top of​ the functional shade. With interior shutters you​ have a​ little bit of​ both – function​ and​ frill. Shutters will block out light, even act as​ an​ insulator for​ the window, but they are also quite decorative. The shutters are made of​ a​ variety of​ materials from wood to​ PVC, and​ act just as​ a​ metal or​ wooden blind would.

Interior shutters differ in​ purpose from exterior shutters. Originally shutters were used to​ protect a​ home’s windows from the wind of​ a​ hurricane or​ cold of​ a​ winter storm. Now most exterior shutters are purely decorative in​ nature.

Installing Shutters

if​ you​ can master home improvement projects of​ average difficulty then you​ can install your​ own interior shutters. this​ is​ a​ DYI project that can be completed in​ very little time and​ with basic tools.

if​ you​ are doing an​ interior mount – that is​ on​ the inside of​ a​ window box, then you​ are all set with secure 2x4 studs to​ securely hold shutter screws. Those that are hung outside the frame of​ the window may require drywall anchors or​ careful placement into a​ stud to​ ensure stability. Normal hinges are used to​ hand​ the shutter and​ can be screwed into place first. Then the shutter slips into the grooves of​ one side of​ hinge and​ a​ pin​ holds it​ all in​ place.

Finishing & Caring for​ Shutters

you​ can pre-prime and​ paint shutters before installing them. this​ makes it​ easy to​ finish the shutter with no mess inside the house. to​ clean the shutters, a​ duster or​ soft rag does the job nicely. Vinyl shutters never need painting, but a​ good cleaning with warm, soapy water from time to​ time in​ order to​ removed build up dust or​ dirt.

Interior shutters add a​ warm, traditional feel to​ any home. Large slated shutters, often called Plantation​ Shutters, get their name from the old southern plantations. The thinner slats are more commonly found inside and​ out of​ the old New England​ colonial style homes. Solid wood shutters also provide a​ decorative look consistent with our American heritage.

Decorating With Interior Shutters

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