Decorating With Coat Racks And Vintage Clothing

Decorating With Coat Racks And Vintage Clothing

When most people think of​ coat racks, they think strictly of​ hanging coats, hats, and​ scarves. But coat racks can be a​ lot more than just a​ place to​ keep clutter off the floor. They can also provide you​ with an​ opportunity to​ display your​ own, unique decorating tastes.

One of​ my favorite ways to​ decorate with coat racks is​ to​ display vintage clothing on​ them. Wall-mounted coat racks work particularly well for​ displaying vintage hats and​ bonnets. and​ floor-mounted coat racks are a​ natural for​ cloaks, gowns, shawls and​ scarves.

Don't go cheap when using coat racks as​ a​ decorating accent. True, you​ can pick up a​ generic wall-mounted coat rack for​ under $10 and​ a​ floor-standing one for​ under $30. But if​ your​ goal is​ to​ create an​ eye-catching accent, don't expect a​ cheap one to​ have the effect you​ want.

Bent wood, rattan, wrought iron, or​ brass give you​ the best eye appeal in​ a​ floor-standing coat rack. and​ look for​ furniture-quality solid hardwood in​ wall-mounted coat racks. Don't settle for​ generic, dime-store coat hooks on​ your​ coat rack when you​ can easily combine the beauty of​ brass and​ porcelain​ or​ get the rustic strength of​ wrought iron.

you​ can find wall-mounted coat racks with rosemaling, or​ other styles of​ decorative painting. These always add to​ your​ accent, as​ do such features as​ a​ plate rack or​ decorative shelf on​ top that allows you​ to​ display other collectibles.

and​ a​ mirror, whether etched or​ plain, on​ your​ wall-mounted coat rack is​ always a​ big plus. Not only does it​ enhance the beauty of​ your​ accent, but it​ provides a​ much appreciated service to​ your​ guests of​ letting them check their appearance after coming in​ from outdoors.

As for​ finding vintage hats or​ clothing for​ your​ coat rack, here are some places to​ try.

Most larger cities have at​ least one vintage clothing store available. you​ can also find vintage clothing in​ many estate sales. and​ more and​ more second-hand​ stores gather vintage clothing donated to​ them into a​ special area.

Or you​ can look for​ reproduction​ vintage clothing and​ hats from merchants who specialize in​ supplying the participants of​ living history events with clothing and​ items from daily life of​ the eras these participants portray.

I've found Renaissance festivals and​ Civil War Reenactments to​ be especially rich sources of​ quality reproduction​ vintage clothing (and​ many other interesting items useful for​ decorating).Both events attract a​ large number or​ merchants who specialize in​ reproduction​ vintage clothing and​ other items of​ those times. and​ you​ can find many of​ these merchants on​ the Internet, as​ well.

Be aware, though, that while you​ can usually find a​ greater variety of​ items through these merchants in​ brand​ new condition, the prices for​ reproductions can be expensive because of​ the amount of​ labor involved in​ faithfully reproducing construction​ techniques from a​ pre-mass production​ era.

in​ looking for​ vintage hats to​ display on​ a​ wall-mounted coat rack, you​ can either go for​ a​ single era, or​ go eclectic with vintage hats from a​ number of​ eras and​ styles. and​ don't forget the eye appeal of​ including one hat in​ your​ collection​ that drapes a​ ribbon​ down beneath. or​ consider dangling a​ vintage umbrella or​ cane from one hook to​ create various lengths of​ items hung from your​ coat rack.

and​ the hats you​ use don't necessarily need to​ be formal. Some of​ the most effective hats I've found for​ decorating have been the well-worn, but extremely unique, vintage hats of​ everyday laborers.

for​ a​ floor-standing coat rack, avoid reproduction​ or​ vintage clothing that really needs a​ hanger for​ it​ to​ look its best. Look instead for​ drapey items such as​ cloaks, gowns, shawls, and​ scarves. Experiment with interweaving a​ colorful scarf or​ shawl among dark and​ elegant formal wear.

Or try hanging a​ coat or​ gown by the shoulder instead of​ by the collar for​ a​ casual, asymmetrical look. Include a​ vintage purse. Or, depending on​ the effect you​ want to​ create, consider the effect that draping some vintage silk stockings or​ lingerie could add to​ the accent you​ create.

The options are endless when it​ comes to​ combining coat racks and​ vintage clothing. Just use a​ quality coat rack that does justice to​ what you​ display and​ let your​ imagination, and​ your​ decorating taste, be your​ guide in​ selecting items to​ display on​ it.

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