Decorating With Beaded Curtains

No more boring window treatments now that beaded curtains are back! Oh, you​ may think this​ is​ a​ flashback to​ the 1960s, but beaded curtains have made a​ comeback in​ a​ whole new way. Groovier than ever designs create exciting plays on​ light and​ texture and​ even work as​ room dividers.

Where to​ Use Beads

There are several ways to​ including beading in​ your​ window designs. The entire curtain​ can be made of​ beads and​ hang in​ colourful strands from the top of​ the window right down to​ the floor. this​ makes a​ great room divider and​ can be hung from the top of​ a​ doorway. it​ is​ ideal for​ areas you​ want to​ define, but not completely close off from one another.

Beads can be strung in​ such a​ way to​ create beautiful mosaics. The finished designs will appear as​ intricate tapestry, or​ can be as​ simple as​ a​ monochromatic hanging of​ different transparencies of​ glass or​ plastic beads. Even wooden beads can be used to​ create a​ natural looking window treatment.

Beaded curtains can also be used to​ close off a​ closet area. this​ works well in​ smaller rooms where closet doors may take up too much space when opened and​ closed.

Using Beads in​ Curtain​ Design

Full curtains made of​ beads are not the only way to​ incorporate beads into the overall look of​ the window dressing. Beads can be sewn into fabric to​ add sparkle and​ interest. Use contrasting colours, or​ simply reflect light with a​ tone on​ tone bead sewn in​ random patterns across the fabric.

Beads also make an​ elegant edging to​ drapes, sheers or​ curtains. Imagine a​ café style curtain​ in​ a​ sunroom or​ family room with a​ fringe of​ beads. The room instantly becomes a​ casual but stylish place for​ the whole family.

Adding a​ fringe of​ beads along formal drapes creates a​ more formal and​ elegant look ideal for​ the living room. you​ can even dress up furniture with throw pillows accented with the same beaded edging as​ the drapes.

Beading Even for​ Those Who Hate to​ Sew

for​ those who find sewing too big a​ chore, you​ can purchase ready made drapes or​ curtains and​ add your​ own bead work. Some fringes are designed with a​ nice heavy backing that can even be hot glued into place. However, keep in​ mind that sewing will give it​ a​ more professional looking finish that will stand​ up to​ dry cleaning or​ laundering much better than craft glues.

Decorating with beads is​ easy and​ fun and​ a​ quick home improvement fix. It’s like a​ mini-makeover. Adding new window treatments or​ beads to​ existing curtains or​ drapes will give the room a​ decorator feel at​ a​ fraction​ of​ the cost.

Using full beaded curtains or​ drapes is​ also an​ excellent face lift for​ closet doors or​ room dividers. Swag them back with a​ decorative rope tie and​ you’ll have sweeping frame full of​ light and​ colour as​ the entry into your​ most stylish rooms.

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