Decorating Tips For Siblings Sharing A Bedroom

Decorating Tips For Siblings Sharing A Bedroom

if​ you​ have two siblings sharing a​ bedroom, there are a​ couple of​ easy appraoches to​ decorating a​ space that both will enjoy.

The first approach to​ decorating for​ siblings sharing a​ bedroom is​ to​ makeover the room in​ one theme that both can agree on.

The second apprach is​ to​ employ two separate decorating themes within​ the room to​ keep them both happy and​ feeling like they have individual spaces that they can call their own.

Here are some ideas that you​ can use to​ help satify both siblings, no matter which of​ the above approaches wins out.

Single theme decorating for​ siblings sharing a​ bedroom

of​ course, this​ is​ the ideal. When siblings agree on​ the same decorating theme, or​ don’t mind having similar bedding, there are two great ways you​ can furnish the room. you​ can either choose to​ purchase them a​ bunk bed, or​ two twin​ beds. you​ can them dress up the beds with similar or​ matching bedding. Some excellent bedding choices can be found at​ One of​ the easiest, and​ least costly, techniques for​ selecting bedding is​ to​ go with “Primary Solids Reversible and​ Fitted Comforters”. you​ can always use little accessories to​ accentuate a​ particlur theme.

To further pull together the theme for​ siblings sharing a​ bedroom, you​ can select wallpaper in​ a​ theme that your​ children will enjoy. Or, you​ can borrow from one of​ the colors in​ the bedding and​ paint the walls a​ solid color shade. But certainly wallpaper will add more personality to​ the room and​ make capturing the theme much easier. if​ wallpaper, or​ perhaps even a​ simple wallpaper border, appeals to​ you, then check out You'll find lots of​ different choices for​ just about every taste and​ theme.

After the walls and​ bedding are addressed, you'll want to​ think about the remaining furiture. Matching furniture is​ always a​ good and​ safe way to​ go. But why not throw in​ some fun furniture like a​ funky table and​ chair set, bean bag chairs, etc.

Dual (two) theme decorating for​ siblings sharing a​ bedroom

To keep both siblings happy, the easiest thing to​ do is​ just split the room in​ half. if​ you​ can, try to​ get them to​ agree on​ as​ many of​ the big components as​ you​ can. for​ example, maybe they don't mind the walls being the same color throughout the room. But, if​ that doesn't work, don't sweat it. Here's what you​ can do to​ keep the peace.

you​ can paint one half of​ the room a​ solid color one child likes, and​ paint the other half of​ the room a​ different but complimenatary color that the other child likes. and​ if​ you​ purchase two twin​ trundle beds, the kids will feel as​ if​ they have more of​ their own space. Plus, trundle beds will provide extra storage space for​ each child to​ store their personal items.

for​ other furniture items, it's okay to​ mix and​ match. But if​ the siblings have similar personal items, be sure to​ label the items with their names so that there won't be any bickering about who owns what.

Finally, some other furnishings you​ may want to​ include in​ the sibling's bedroom are:

* Lamps
* Window treatments
* Clocks
* Throw pillows
* Area rug(s)
* Wall hooks
* Wall art (posters)
* Shelving
* Toy box bench
* Waste bin

These are just a​ few of​ the ways you​ can keep siblings sharing a​ bedroom happy. Just be a​ little creative, ensure that each has his or​ her own personal space, and​ everything should work out fine. Happy decorating!

Decorating Tips For Siblings Sharing A Bedroom

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