Decorating Picture Frames And Boxes For Decoupage

Decorating Picture Frames and​ Boxes for​ Decoupage
you​ need to​ take proper care when cutting a​ very detailed design, like a​ leaf edge .​
Use your​ left hand​ to​ turn the paper as​ required, and​ cut the details of​ the design using your​ scissors.
When cutting designs like grass or​ fur, be innovative enough to​ add your​ own long curves if​ possible .​
in​ case you​ do not find some patterns good enough for​ your​ project like a​ blank portion​ in​ the picture or​ some straight edges, then you​ can cut away them from your​ image.
Once the design is​ ready to​ be pasted cut the bridges .​
in​ case the design is​ too delicate, you​ will need to​ put gum on​ the object and​ then paste the cut design .​
Use a​ moist sponge to​ clean any extra glue .​
Keep the sponge pieces handy when working with this​ technique .​
After wiping put your​ sponge piece in​ water .​
Because once the glue on​ it​ gets dried up, it​ would deface the sponge .​
Clean these sponge pieces properly with water and​ save for​ future use in​ your​ next project.
Fold and​ cut technique can give marvelous effects to​ your​ design .​
you​ can take colored pages from magazines and​ books and​ create symmetrical and​ beautiful designs using this​ technique .​
These designs can also be photocopied to​ make some layered/repeat design.
To decorate picture frames and​ sides of​ boxes, you​ can use cut corner patterns and​ other interesting shapes .​
you​ can cut coiled borders and​ repeat designs .​
for​ this​ you​ can cut it​ like a​ string or​ else outline your​ pattern on​ the paper and​ copy and​ cut it​ as​ many number of​ times as​ you​ require .​
Although it​ would not result in​ exact copies, but would be appreciably same.
Before pasting them, you​ will need to​ paint the white edges in​ your​ image .​
you​ can use a​ permanent marker or​ acrylic paint to​ color this​ .​
These colors actually blend nicely with your​ image .​
Maximum time's sepia or​ black would solve your​ purpose but in​ a​ few cases you​ may need to​ go in​ for​ other hues too.
if​ required the images can be pasted one on​ another .​
Images reaching over the edges give a​ beautiful effect in​ a​ box .​
you​ can paste both the lid and​ the box with the whole image .​
Canadian artist Christopher Freville often uses Victorian photos for​ pasting on​ the side of​ a​ box .​
Once the paste dries up simply make a​ cut at​ the joint of​ the lid and​ the box .​
this​ way the pattern would exactly correlate to​ each other.
you​ can use a​ blue TAC to​ place your​ cut outs at​ as​ desired and​ then sketch your​ boundaries using a​ pencil or​ chalk .​
this​ way you​ would know which cut out should be glued where .​
Blue TAC can also be used to​ trace the place to​ paste the cut out .​
and​ obviously this​ needs to​ be done gluing every cut out piece one by one.
Only if​ your​ base surface has extremely good color and​ luster that you​ will not need to​ cover it​ thoroughly but otherwise you​ got to​ cut good number of​ prints from magazines or​ gift wraps so that they sufficient to​ cover the whole object .​
While cutting you​ should keep in​ mind that you​ have kept enough space to​ let the prints overlap slightly.
Before gluing experiment with different lay outs in​ which you​ can place your​ picture .​
Once you​ get a​ satisfactory look, paste it​ using your​ fingers and​ slightly press the print from the center towards its edges, thus avoiding any air bubbles or​ wrinkles.

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