Decorating In A Victorian Style Dont Forget The Old Prints

Decorating In A Victorian Style Dont Forget The Old Prints

Although Victorian interior design doesn't suit everyone's tastes, the Victorian style can be adapted and​ implemented in​ a​ variety of​ pleasing ways .​ Whether you​ decide to​ replicate a​ true Victorian drawing room, or​ simply wish to​ add a​ Victorian touch here and​ there, the following general themes can serve as​ a​ guide.

Victorian Colors
With color, you​ can go one of​ two ways .​
Light color washes typify rural homes in​ the early Victorian era, while deeply vibrant colors reflect the more upscale Victorian home .​
Bright colors, including reds, greens, oranges, and​ blues, are appropriate, as​ are deep, dark earth colors .​

But the Victorian color story doesn't stop there .​
Victorian rooms most often used one central color, but incorporated many other colors as​ well .​
The Victorians were not known for​ their tone-on-tone sensibilities .​
Green, blue, and​ yellow may be the palette of​ one room, while red, orange, and​ brown might be incorporated into another.

Victorian Textures
Color is​ only the first chapter in​ Victorian decorating, as​ the use of​ texture in​ Victorian rooms is​ key .​
Texture is​ achieved in​ a​ wide variety of​ ways .​
Moldings, for​ example, are a​ central element in​ Victorian design .​
Wallpaper is​ also used extensively, particularly floral, scrolled patterns and​ embossed wallpaper .​
Similarly, texture is​ achieved through techniques used in​ the application​ of​ paint, such as​ sponging, stenciling, and​ even painted leaves and​ trellises .​

Victorian Fabrics
Texture is​ also expressed in​ Victorian interior design through the use of​ fabric .​
During the Victorian era, fabric was key, and​ was incorporated into heavy, ornate draperies that often featured elaborate valances with fringe and​ tassels .​
Furniture was covered in​ rich fabrications and​ upholstered in​ such a​ way as​ to​ add even more texture to​ the room .​

A Modern Twist
Today's eclectic decorating styles enable you​ to​ successfully bring a​ Victorian flair into your​ room or​ home without having to​ mimic every element of​ color, texture, and​ fabric .​
you​ can borrow from the rich color palette while maintaining modern furnishings, for​ example, or​ simply carry a​ Victorian theme throughout a​ single room or​ your​ home by using Victorian old prints.
Victorian Old Prints
Victorian old prints come from publications, such as​ magazines, newspapers, and​ books, from the 1800s .​

The antique prints are originals (as opposed to​ reproductions), and​ are prints made from either wood engravings or​ copper engravings .​
Many are in​ black in​ white, but others are hand​ colored .​
Victorian old prints can reflect the social history of​ the era, with themes like architectural structures, fine art, and​ the theater .​

They can also reflect historical events, such as​ war and​ battle ships .​
Many old prints depict the Victorian interest in​ classifying and​ cataloguing natural history, so you​ can find amazing botanical, bird, and​ animal prints .​
Decorating with old prints is​ as​ simple as​ matting, framing, and​ hanging the art in​ your​ Victorian room or​ throughout your​ home .​

Victorian old prints bring a​ sense of​ authenticity and​ immediacy to​ your​ decorating efforts in​ a​ way that today's fabrics, textures, and​ colors cannot.

Decorating In A Victorian Style Dont Forget The Old Prints

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