Decorating A Game Room

The kids have moved away, and​ now you​ suddenly find yourself with an​ extra room in​ the house. Unless you’re in​ dire need of​ a​ home office, why not make that extra room into a​ game room? After all, you’ve worked hard enough, now it’s time to​ play, and​ the game room can be a​ room full of​ excitement and​ fun.

There was a​ time when you​ could only afford the luxury of​ a​ game room if​ you​ had a​ basement, and​ that usually meant a​ couch and​ a​ billiard table. However, in​ this​ age of​ technology the game room most likely will have a​ big screen TV and​ a​ game console with lots of​ video games. Few will still have a​ billiard table. One reason​ is​ because most rooms are not as​ big as​ a​ basement and​ a​ billiard table would take most of​ the space available.

Since this​ should be a​ family room, or​ a​ room for​ you​ and​ your​ friends to​ get together for​ fun, why not add a​ game table you​ can use to​ play board games, and​ perhaps a​ soccer table, or​ an​ air hockey game table. These won’t take up as​ much room as​ a​ pool table. if​ it’s in​ your​ budget, a​ jukebox can add to​ the fun and​ atmosphere!

What is​ the best way to​ decorate this​ room? What colors should you​ use? What about wallpaper? Below are some ideas you​ may want to​ consider.

First, be sure to​ use bright colors. Stay away from dark colors – no one wants to​ play in​ a​ dark room. Use “fun” colors such as​ light green, light yellow, and​ light orange, but try to​ only use the orange as​ an​ accent color. you​ should not paint an​ entire wall orange. Bright colors will raise the excitement level in​ the room, whereas dark colors will only bring gloom to​ the room.

in​ addition​ to​ painting the game room a​ bright color, you​ may want to​ add a​ colorful border as​ well. There are so many patterns to​ choose from! if​ the theme of​ your​ game room is​ geared more towards board games or​ card games, find a​ border with graphics of​ tables, chairs, or​ maybe poker cards. if​ you​ can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, then look for​ borders that represent fun, excitement and​ celebrations. you​ should also try to​ have borders that appeal to​ both sexes. Keep that in​ mind with the colors as​ well. in​ other words, try to​ stay away from colors such as​ pink.

if​ the game room allows it, try to​ section​ off the room so that your​ friends and​ family can easily move from one area of​ the room to​ the other. for​ example, you​ may want to​ designate one area of​ the room as​ the card and/or board game area and​ place the table in​ that section​ of​ the room. The other area of​ the room could be designated as​ the TV area. Here, you​ can play video games or​ watch the Super Bowl or​ other sports games. if​ possible, try to​ have something for​ everyone.

As mentioned above, if​ it’s within​ your​ budget, a​ jukebox can really add to​ the fun. you​ can also use a​ stereo (perhaps with surround sound?) to​ add music to​ the room. Another great item is​ a​ karaoke machine. Be sure to​ have lots of​ sing-along lyrics, not only for​ the kids, but for​ the adults as​ well!

Consider holding a​ “Decorate the Game Room” party. Invite your​ friends and​ family and​ get them involved choosing colors, borders, games, music, etc. Together you​ can make this​ the best room in​ the house!

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