Decorating The Empty Spaces In Your Bathroom With Accessories

Decorating The Empty Spaces In Your Bathroom With Accessories

Decorating the Empty Spaces in​ your​ Bathroom with Accessories
Do you​ have extra space in​ your​ bathroom and​ nothing to​ put in​ it? Fill it​ up by fixing up that old straight back chair you​ have in​ the shed .​

It’s easy to​ decorate an​ old chair and​ make it​ turn into the talk of​ time .​
Take the old chair or​ bench you​ have in​ the shed; go to​ the thrift shop, goodwill store or​ even to​ a​ yard sale .​
Sometimes you​ can buy the old chairs very cheap .​
People are always setting their old kitchen chairs on​ the curb, stop and​ ask if​ you​ can have it; they’ll probably give it​ to​ you​ instead of​ the garbage man.
How to​ choose your​ pattern?
Decide first what décor and​ colors you’re going to​ use .​
Be sure to​ go along with what you​ have already in​ there .​
if​ you​ own birds, you​ can place a​ birdhouse on​ your​ chair .​
Be creative and​ think about it​ before starting your​ new project .​
People will notice it​ everytime they go into the bathroom .​
Besides filing up an​ empty spot, you​ can use it​ at​ the same time to​ put your​ socks on​ .​
Getting out of​ the shower or​ tub, a​ chair comes in​ handy to​ sit on​ while putting on​ your​ shoes or​ even while drying your​ feet off .​
Decorating is​ easy and​ fun and​ you’ll be proud of​ what you​ have accomplished.
When redoing a​ chair or​ bench you​ first need a​ theme, decide on​ the colors and​ then get to​ work .​
How to​ remove paint?
All that old paint or​ varnish needs to​ be removed .​
you​ can find paint and​ varnish at​ most stores where paint is​ sold .​
After all, after the old paint is​ removed, sand​ it​ down to​ smooth out the nick and​ scratches.
The paint on​ the chair itself needs to​ be enamel so the moisture can be wiped off easily .​
Paint your​ chair; making sure, you​ use small amounts on​ the brush to​ keep it​ from running and​ making streaks in​ the paint when it​ dries .​
Let it​ dry for​ a​ couple of​ days before doing anything more to​ it.
How to​ choose additional bathroom accessories for​ your​ chair:
you​ can purchase stencils; rubber stamps or​ even draw where you​ want to​ put a​ flower or​ etc .​
on​ it .​
Using ceramic paint in​ the color or​ shade of​ your​ choice put your​ design on​ it .​
Make it​ simple but colorful and​ be creative .​
you​ can buy ceramic paint and​ the brushes to​ use in​ any department store that sells craft supplies .​
When choosing your​ colors make sure the shades blend in​ with what you​ already have on​ the walls .​
When your​ chair or​ bench is​ done stand​ back and​ view what you​ have accomplished .​
It will surprise you​ how creative you​ can be and​ it​ is​ fun too .​
Do you​ like to​ read for​ relaxation​ in​ the tub? is​ there an​ empty spot next to​ the chair to​ sit a​ basket on​ the floor and​ put a​ couple magazines in​ it? Some people like to​ read when they go in​ the bathroom .​
a​ small basket will keep your​ reading material well, all in​ one spot so it​ isn’t walked on​ or​ wet when you​ step out of​ the tub or​ shower .​

if​ you​ are not a​ reader, but want to​ add a​ little more to​ your​ bathroom, set a​ small stand​ next to​ it, if​ there is​ a​ shelf on​ the bottom put some fancy towels on​ it, take the matching washcloths, and​ make an​ artificial plant to​ set on​ the top .​
Making the flowerpot is​ easy .​
Just Take a​ fancy pot or​ paint one and​ use one of​ the stamps you​ used on​ the chair and​ stamp on​ it .​
Next, you​ roll each washcloth up as​ if​ you​ were putting napkins on​ the dining room table .​
Stand​ the rolled washcloths on​ end around the pot and​ put an​ artificial flower in​ it .​
Now you​ have a​ stand​ you​ can use for​ those towels and​ washcloths on​ special occasions .​
you​ can perhaps lay those magazines on​ one corner, now you​ have the magazine rack and​ your​ towels where people can see but not touch.
Remember don’t overdo it .​
Make it​ simple and​ creative .​

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