Decorating Christmas Trees With Style

Decorating Christmas Trees With Style

Does your​ christmas tree look too old fashioned? When it​ comes to​ decorating christmas trees there are some style tips to​ follow so that they look more up-to-date and​ stylish.


The big fat round artificial christmas tree is​ out and​ the slim artificial tree is​ in. this​ is​ because when it​ comes to​ decorating christmas tree the trends lately lean more towards tall and​ conical shapes rather than fat and​ round shapes.

this​ style is​ more reminiscent of​ the modernist trends from the seventies and​ strangely, the tall conical trees that were in​ favor during the Victorian era. it​ was Queen Victoria who insisted on​ the tallest tree possible for​ her living room and​ the narrow tree girth was also necessary in​ order to​ fit these tall slender trees into Victorian homes. The same could be said of​ modern day "cozy" condo lofts and​ apartments which often have tall ceiling heights but less floor space and​ suit a​ slim artificial christmas tree much better than a​ chubbier version.

Natural trees that tend to​ be tall and​ slim are the spruces and​ firs. They just have a​ slimmer girth than pines and​ cedars. When it​ comes to​ fake xmas trees, more and​ more manufacturers are releasing slim artificial trees that can fit more easily into our cramped urban lifestyle.


Artificial is​ in​ and​ natural trees are out. Okay, so maybe real christmas trees will never go out of​ fashion​ but if​ you​ are a​ bit of​ style snob then the trend is​ towards an​ artificial tree in​ the wildest color you​ can find. Basically the idea is​ to​ find a​ tree that looks like it​ would go well in​ Lieutenant O'Hura's bedroom on​ Star Trek.

Every year, artificial trees are looking more and​ more cartoonish. you​ can buy them in​ a​ spectrum of​ colors and​ in​ many different materials including PVC, vinyl and​ tinsel. The slim artificial trees in​ wild colors are very popular with younger people. Some sites sell xmas trees that are nothing more than a​ coiled spiral of​ yellow pink and​ blue lights that are free standing and​ merely emulate the shape of​ a​ christmas tree.

Probably the two most trendy colors for​ trees are the red and​ white. The red trees have an​ offbeat look to​ them that is​ reminiscent of​ a​ bad Kodachrome photograph from the seventies. However that is​ part of​ their appeal. The white artificial trees are just simply gorgeous, especially the prelit artificial trees with branches that have glowing fiber optic tips.


One of​ the secrets to​ decorating christmas trees in​ a​ stylish way is​ to​ be minimalist. to​ be truly fashionable, stick to​ decorating the tree in​ just one or​ two colors. for​ instance you​ could decorate a​ natural evergreen with only gold bows and​ natural crystals. a​ white christmas tree looks great with uniformly sized christmas balls from top to​ bottom. a​ sky blue artificial tree could be decorated in​ monochrome with glass balls that are a​ deeper shade of​ blue.

The minimalist approach also goes for​ the style of​ decorations that you​ choose. Stick to​ one or​ two shapes to​ keep the look of​ the tree uncluttered and​ sleek. for​ instance, forget the round glass balls and​ choose conical glass balls and​ flat spheres only to​ decorate an​
entire tree. By the way the craze for​ slim artificial xmas trees is​ similar to​ the current craze for​ slim conical christmas decorations.
Conical decorations are very much identified with retro seventies styles.


One of​ the first rules of​ fashion​ and​ also interior decorating is​ to​ break all the rules and​ the same applies to​ Christmas trees. this​ means deliberately ignoring christmas traditions with the idea of​ putting a​ new spin​ on​ them. for​ instance instead of​ using the classic angel or​ star as​ a​ tree topper you​ could try topping it​ with a​ spray of​ fibrous waving multicolored diodes or​ a​ design that you​ have constructed using christmas rope lights. One interesting idea is​ to​ make a​ star out of​ red velvet and​ decorate it​ with peacock
feathers, faux gems and​ gold bows.

Another way to​ break a​ traditional rule is​ to​ decorate your​ tree with just one color. to​ be different you​ could also forget about putting largest decorations at​ the bottom and​ the tiny ones at​ the top, put the large ones on​ the top and​ the tiny ones on​ the bottom. Another idea is​ to​ make all of​ your​ christmas tree decorations the same size.

One big trend that has dominated Christmas style and​ design for​ the last few years is​ to​ hang your​ Christmas tree anyway you​ can think of, as​ long as​ it​ is​ not standing up. this​ includes hanging it​ upside down from the ceiling, suspending it​ sideways from the ceiling and​ buttressing it​ against a​ wall.


One of​ the secrets to​ decorating christmas trees is​ that the more personal it​ is​ the better. a​ good example is​ the chef who decorates his tree using only plastic forks and​ knives or​ the new mom who decorates her tree with baby bottles and​ baby toys. if​ you​ celebrate the Chinese New Year you​ might want to​ decorate your​ tree with Buddha figures and​ fortune cookies.

Another great way to​ personalize your​ christmas tree is​ to​ use baked goods. Tree ornaments made of​ pink and​ yellow gumdrops and​ toothpicks look nice on​ an​ artificial white christmas tree for​ example. Home made gingerbread men and​ short bread snowmen would go well with a​ red artificial prelit christmas tree.

One place to​ get inspiration​ is​ the candy store. Choose your​ favorite candies that you​ loved as​ a​ kid. a​ smaller tree looks fantastic decorated in​ candies wrapped in​ foil. However once again​ the key is​ to​ be minimalist. Don't decorate the tree with seven or​ eight kinds of​ candy. Decorate it​ with two to​ three kinds to​ give it​ a​ kind of​ uniformity.

if​ you​ haven't figured it​ out by now one of​ the keys to​ decorating christmas trees is​ repetition​ on​ a​ single theme. if​ you​ like teddy bears than decorate the entire tree in​ teddy bears and​ one other design element, such as​ red glass balls. Keeping it​ simple yet elegant is​ the key to​ decorating christmas trees.

Decorating Christmas Trees With Style

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