Decorating A Child's Room With Tropical Themes

When I think of​ decorating a​ child's room tropically, I immediately think decorating with palm trees, sand, and​ mischievous monkeys. a​ good way to​ begin​ this​ transformation​ is​ to​ go to​ a​ local craft store and​ look at​ the wall adhesives. Most of​ the wall-paper like pictures easily stick to​ the wall, are movable, and​ leave little or​ no residue when your​ child decides he or​ she wants a​ change.

if​ wall adhesives aren't your​ style, or​ you​ want to​ make the wall a​ little more three dimensional, then you​ can take simple acrylic paint and​ create the palm trees (which are very easy to​ create for​ a​ child).

After the walls are done, find either green bedding or​ bedding with pictures on​ it​ that will mesh well with those that you​ have chosen for​ the walls. if​ you​ cannot find bedding that you​ and​ your​ child think will work, go to​ the fabric section​ and​ look for​ the children's fabrics. Usually there will be several tropically themed fabrics to​ choose from. if​ you​ don't want to​ make the sheets you​ can always find a​ solid sheet set that will match well with the fabric you​ choose for​ the comforter and​ then either make the comforter yourself or​ ask a​ local seamstress to​ create the blanket for​ you. if​ you​ have two made one heavy and​ one light, then you​ can keep the tropical themed bedding throughout the year.

A good idea for​ wall art to​ compliment these decorations, you​ can either use the previously mentioned wall adhesives or​ have your​ child create their own pictures to​ frame and​ hang on​ the walls. if​ you​ use one wall as​ a​ mural and​ paint the rest with a​ solid tropical color your​ child's wall art will look impressive. Or, you​ can create a​ blackboard wall with blackboard paint and​ your​ child can continuously draw new wall art.

A tropical vacation​ wouldn't be complete without watching a​ sunset or​ the stars. to​ create this​ for​ your​ child you​ can paint a​ scene on​ the ceiling, or​ find star and​ moon​ wall adhesives to​ attach to​ the ceiling (that way the ceiling scene can be changed out quickly and​ easily).

There are several periodicals on​ decorating your​ child’s room. you​ can also visit local furniture stores or​ view online furniture stores. When designing your​ child’s room, it​ is​ important that you​ keep in​ mind that eventually your​ child will out grow his/her room. Try sticking with neutral colors.

Always remember that to​ make your​ child happiest with the room, allow them to​ help in​ the process. if​ their shorter, let them help you​ place art at​ their height or​ even, to​ an​ extent, paint the mural (there are several easy things that they can do, like paint sand​ or​ grass). Take them with you​ to​ choose the fabrics and​ wall art and​ let them help you​ decide where things go. They will feel a​ great sense of​ pride in​ the room that they helped create.

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