Decorated Sugar Cookies 24

decorated sugar cookies
One of​ the best things about the holidays for​ our family is​ the decorated sugar cookies that my daughter and​ I​ make together .​
They aren’t pretty, but they taste really good .​
We always take the time to​ make some, though there are times when I​ don’t have time to​ make the cookies myself .​
It doesn’t really matter if​ I​ make my own cookies or​ not though .​
My daughter loves to​ help with the baking, but she has even more fun when it’s time to​ decorate the cookies.
Our decorated sugar cookies are usually the same ones everyone makes, but that’s okay with me .​
She loves to​ use the different colors on​ her cookies, and​ has even more fun with the various sprinkles and​ decorations that I​ give her to​ put on​ top .​
There is​ usually a​ huge mess when she is​ finished with her decorated sugar cookies .​
The biggest mess is​ on​ the tables and​ the floor .​
It’s okay though, as​ it​ is​ more important that she had fun with it​ than worrying about being neat .​
Cleaning is​ just a​ fact of​ life .​
Just make sure you​ check everywhere when you​ clean up .​
My daughter has a​ gift when it​ comes to​ making a​ mess, and​ I​ often find icing in​ places where I​ wouldn’t have thought to​ look other times.
Though my daughter’s decorated sugar cookies are a​ bit of​ a​ mess, that is​ part of​ their charm .​
Those in​ my family are thrilled to​ get them because they know that she made them herself .​
if​ you​ don’t have children and​ you​ want to​ make some, you​ might have to​ practice to​ get them just like you​ want them .​
you​ can go to​ a​ store and​ find decorated sugar cookies if​ you​ don’t have the time or​ inclination​ to​ make them yourself, and​ you​ will find these are beautifully and​ almost flawlessly done.
you​ can also get gift baskets with decorated sugar cookies for​ almost any occasion​ at​ any time of​ the year .​
Many of​ them have a​ theme, so you​ can find what you​ want no matter what type of​ event you​ are honoring .​
Decorated sugar cookies in​ a​ gift basket is​ a​ great idea for​ a​ get well gift, or​ if​ you​ just want to​ let someone know you​ are thinking of​ them .​
Remember to​ spend a​ little extra to​ be sure you​ are getting fresh cookies that are made with the best ingredients .​
Nothing beats a​ great sugar cookie.

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