Decorated Sugar Cookies 19

Traditions are very special in​ my family .​
My sisters and​ I​ talk about special events that happened as​ we were growing up and​ our desires to​ recreate them for​ our children .​
My mother was a​ person​ that liked routine and​ this​ lead to​ having many rituals and​ traditions .​
Every week end we would have the same meal .​
Saturday evening we would have steak baked potatoes, garlic toast and​ a​ tossed salad .​
on​ Sunday’s we would have chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and​ glazed carrots .​
The only thing that would vary was the kind of​ pie that we would have for​ dessert.
My mother’s routine nature also spilled into the holidays .​
As each holiday would come around she would put up the same decorations in​ the same place .​
She would also take out her rolling pin​ and​ make a​ batch of​ decorated sugar cookies .​
When we were small and​ anxious to​ help in​ the baking process she had many different cookie cutters .​
She had cutters for​ every possible holiday and​ also a​ selection​ of​ generic cutters .​
Her decorated sugar cookies were well known in​ the neighborhood .​
She made large batches so we could share them with our friends .​
As we got older she no longer bothered with the different shapes, but the round decorated sugar cookies tasted as​ good .​
She would comment that with the seasonal sprinkles that are available in​ the decorating aisle, it​ was not longer necessary to​ shape the cookies, the sprinkles let you​ know which holiday is​ being celebrated.
Now that I​ am a​ mom I​ have started making the decorated sugar cookies for​ my family .​
The children love to​ help frost and​ so does my husband​ .​
It has become a​ competition​ to​ see how can decorate the most elaborate cookie .​
this​ means that I​ have several icing bags with multiple colors of​ the frosting .​
My co-workers ask me how I​ can stand​ the mess .​
I​ told them that I​ buy the plastic bag icing bags and​ the cheap plastic icing tips .​
I​ also stock up on​ the plastic table clothes from the dollar store .​
I​ cover the work surface with the plastic cloth and​ when we are done with the decorated sugar cookies I​ roll up the frosting tubes in​ the plastic and​ throw it​ all away .​
this​ leaves the frosting bowl and​ the cookie sheets to​ wash up .​
I​ hope my children will fondly remember the times that we have spent together frosting the cookies .​
My sisters and​ I​ have talked about all getting together before Christmas to​ make the decorated sugar cookies .​
I​ think that would be a​ fun event during the holidays that does not include giving gifts.

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