Decorate Your Home Like A Pro With These Easy Steps

You’ve moved into your​ new home, unpacked the boxes, arranged and​ rearranged the furniture, hung a​ few things on​ the walls. Hmmm. you​ know, or​ think you​ know how you​ want your​ rooms to​ feel but can’t get from the builder white walls and​ your​ old stuff to​ that wonderful comfy inviting look you​ got when you​ were in​ the model of​ the home you​ purchased?

Before you​ panic and​ true anxiety sets in​ know there are more easy solutions at​ your​ fingertips than ever before. There are decorator magazines, home decorating shows, web sites, retailers, great books with very good instructions. Visiting model homes again​ will help. “Okay, “ you​ say, “I see them, I buy them, I visit them, I like them, but how do I do it? I don’t know where to​ begin.”

Start with one room you​ love in​ a​ magazine or​ model home. We’ll call it​ your​ dream room. if​ you​ can go to​ the model home to​ feel and​ study the space or​ the room you​ will get the best results. Ask if​ you​ may take pictures in​ the models too. this​ will help when you​ get home and​ when you​ shop. Take a​ tape measure and​ a​ spiral notebook with you​ to​ make notes and​ draw sketches. I like the ones with plastic tabs and​ pockets inside.

Let’s start decorating by seeing what we like.

Are all the walls the same color and​ the ceiling too? What color(s) is​ the room? Write this​ down. is​ there a​ chair rail or​ decorative molding at​ the ceiling, wall covering or​ faux painting? What is​ on​ the floor? is​ there tile, wood, carpet, area rugs? What color and​ texture and​ pattern? is​ the area rug braided or​ a​ Persian rug or​ a​ contemporary design diagonally placed partly under one of​ the chairs and​ sofa?

What style is​ the furniture? is​ it​ all a​ matching set? Do all the woods match? Maybe the sofa and​ club chairs are the same style and​ wood finish but the chairs have a​ patterned upholstery and​ the sofa is​ a​ solid or​ striped fabric. Write this​ down.

How is​ the furniture arranged? Does the sofa sit in​ the middle of​ the room separating the conversation​ area from the game table, or​ is​ all the furniture pushed up against the walls? Draw a​ little floor plan so you​ don’t forget when you​ get home.

The windows. Are there blinds, shutters, a​ valence or​ draperies? Are the rods large or​ small, wood or​ metal with huge finials? Make a​ note of​ it. if​ there are panels at​ each side of​ the window, do they go all the way to​ the floor? What color are they? Do they match the walls or​ are they the same fabric as​ the toss pillows on​ the sofa? is​ it​ the drapery hold back that catches your​ eye? you​ will have to​ consider the exposure and​ privacy out your​ own windows when you​ make your​ final window treatment selection.

The pizzazz is​ the accessories. this​ is​ often what many people love most about the model homes or​ magazine pictures that inspire them. The details, the little things we all love to​ collect and​ buy when we shop. this​ is​ what pulls the room together and​ gives it​ your​ personality. in​ the room you​ love, what kind of​ lamps are there? is​ there a​ place to​ store the things you​ will need to​ put away? Are there several things grouped on​ the coffee table? What sizes are they? is​ there something pretty tall, a​ large round platter set on​ a​ stand​ and​ a​ box all grouped together? if​ there are photographs on​ the end tables, how big are they and​ how does the frame style work with everything else in​ the room?

What is​ on​ the walls? is​ there one large picture over the sofa or​ is​ there an​ arrangement of​ black and​ white photos in​ different size frames? What color is​ the matting and​ how much space from the photo to​ the frame? Details, details, details. Draw a​ sketch of​ the picture arrangement and​ the sizes in​ your​ notebook.

Congratulations. you​ have just completed the first step to​ decorating your​ own home.

you​ know what you​ want, how it​ goes together and​ what it​ will look like. you​ don’t have to​ break the bank now to​ create your​ room. you​ probably already have the furniture pieces and​ accessories. you​ may already have the lamps and​ area rug as​ well. you​ may just have to​ recreate and​ rearrange.

Get started. Go to​ the paint store and​ select the paint chips you​ think best match your​ dream room. Grab several samples, color can be deceiving and​ they can look different depending on​ the light. Take them back to​ the model home and​ see which ones match the best. Buy the paint and​ paint the room.

your​ window treatment. if​ you​ copy your​ dream room exactly make sure you​ have the right privacy and​ exposure considerations covered. this​ is​ where a​ lot of​ people go astray. They think they like shutters and​ buy them. Then they don’t like them and​ also wonder how their dream room went wrong. your​ dream room may have been more airy with a​ shade and​ drapery panels on​ large wood poles. The wrong blinds, shutters or​ draperies and​ hardware can be a​ costly mistake that you​ probably won’t change.

Arrange your​ furniture for​ conversation, TV watching, family fun, reading, eating or​ homework keeping in​ mind your​ dream room. Was all the furniture lined up on​ one side of​ the room? your​ sofa may be the wrong color and​ your​ chairs may need to​ be redone. That doesn’t mean you​ have to​ buy all new; consider slipcovers. you​ can buy them or​ make them. Be sure your​ accessories are things you​ want around you​ and​ are of​ a​ grand​ enough scale for​ your​ space. Voila! You’re on​ your​ way to​ decorating confidence and​ living in​ the home that makes you​ and​ your​ family happy.

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