Decorate With A Hanging Wall Tapestry

Decorate With a​ Hanging Wall Tapestry
A hanging wall tapestry can be a​ joy not only for​ the owner but for​ all those who happen to​ visit and​ look upon​ it .​
this​ style of​ decoration​ is​ truly ancient, going back centuries to​ a​ time when a​ hanging wall tapestry was more than just something to​ look at.
The hanging wall tapestry is​ an​ art form .​
Hanging wall tapestry has also been used as​ a​ record for​ historical events, for​ recording births and​ deaths of​ not only the rich and​ famous but also the poor .​
It has been used for​ religious purposes, and​ for​ cultural purposes .​
for​ some reason, people all over the world for​ as​ long as​ we can imagine have used this​ craft to​ share their thoughts, feelings, lives, and​ other important information​ with those who look upon​ the work.
in​ some cases, as​ with the Celtics, the form consisted of​ intricate woven designs and​ shapes that depict either nature or​ the gods .​
in​ other cases, the form was much more intricate and​ elaborate .​
in​ all cases, the craftsperson​ had to​ devote many hours of​ work in​ order to​ finish the vision​ that he or​ she first started with.
Mythology has often played a​ big part in​ the form .​
The ancient Chinese were fond of​ creating works that honored the dragon​ .​
The dragon​ was also popular with the ancient Celtic peoples .​
for​ both cultures, the dragon​ was a​ symbol of​ wisdom, vision, and​ knowledge .​
It was also considered a​ guardian against evil invaders.
on​ the religious front, the Celtic cross has been a​ favorite of​ many for​ ages .​
this​ beautiful rendition​ of​ a​ cross is​ often crafted in​ subdued colors to​ reflect the spirit of​ the Christian to​ all nations .​
It is​ no wonder it​ is​ still one of​ the most sought after pieces in​ that it​ brings a​ sense of​ peace to​ those who own and​ display one.
The peoples of​ India have been perfecting their skills at​ this​ craft for​ hundreds of​ years and​ their offerings are endlessly stunning .​
Other works of​ art will often portray various animals, often from the jungles .​
a​ popular animal is​ the elephant, another is​ the tiger .​
Both of​ these, animals hold special meaning to​ the people who craft the work .​
in​ addition​ to​ the animal motif, these works often have brilliant colors and​ very intricate designs associated with them .​
in​ some patterns, the viewer may feel as​ if​ he or​ she is​ being drawn into a​ maze work .​
They are truly amazing works of​ art.
for​ those who prefer something less formal, there are also works that are fashioned through the old tie dye method .​
this​ was a​ very popular way of​ dying material in​ the 1960’s in​ America, and​ it​ is​ making a​ comeback .​
One thing about a​ tie dye work is​ that it​ will be unique .​
No two pieces ever come out the same, which is​ one of​ its main​ attractions for​ many people .​
The freedom to​ use just about any color combination​ imaginable is​ also a​ major factor.
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We hope to​ inspire your​ imagination​ and​ creativity.
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