Dare To Achieve And Discover A Daring New You

Dare To Achieve And Discover A Daring New You

I'm doing things differently in​ the New Year! for​ a​ start, I’m not going to​ undertake a​ million​ and​ one things with deadlines impossible to​ keep (though I suspect my interest in​ new projects will get the better of​ me). Many amazing and​ interesting things in​ this​ world grab my attention, making it​ easy for​ me to​ get sidetracked.

My intention​ for​ the New Year is​ to​ transcend all previous successes and​ achieve things previously not considered. I’m curious to​ know where it​ will lead me (there’s that sidetracking issue again). It’s a​ scary thought but exciting all at​ once.

Yes, next year sure will be different and​ amazing.

if​ you’ve come through a​ year filled with boredom, sameness, heartache, yearning, and​ wish life to​ be different then consider whether it’s now time for​ you​ to​ give yourself a​ stern talking to​ about creating change for​ your​ highest good.

Some questions you​ could ask are:

Are you​ willing to​ repeat this​ year, next year?

Has the past year provided you​ with contentment, happiness, success and​ new friendships?

if​ yes to​ the last statement, congratulations! Some years are like that, absolutely fabulous years where you​ wouldn’t change for​ the world for​ anything – if​ it​ ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

if​ the statement is​ not true, ask:

How are you​ going to​ change things?

Do you​ have strategies in​ place that will ensure you​ become successful in​ your​ endeavors?

Are you​ thinking this​ is​ another ho hum time of​ the year when arbitrary New Year’s resolutions are made?

Maybe all you​ want is​ to​ go with the flow, and​ that’s okay if​ deep down that’s what you​ truly want.
What if​ you​ motivated challenged or​ dared you, not by others, by you​ only?

There have been many times when I’ve dared myself to​ do things I wouldn’t normally do and​ have never looked back. That’s when I become comfortable with the uncomfortable, for​ a​ short while anyway.

Anyone can dare themselves to​ achieve greatness and​ it​ might just be what’s needed to​ kick start the New Year. you​ never know where it​ can lead you.

I’ve listed 7 Dares to​ choose from should you​ motivate and​ dare yourself into initiating an​ action​ designed to​ change your​ next 12 months in​ the most amazing way. They are:

1. Dare to​ be different.

2. Dare to​ discover who you​ really are.

3. Dare to​ let go of​ the past.

4. Dare to​ step out of​ your​ comfort zone.

5. Dare to​ ask more questions on​ how you​ do business.

6. for​ those on​ the dating scene - date only those that respect all parts of​ who you​ are and​ accept nothing less.

7. Dare to​ achieve more.

It’s possible one or​ more points above will resonate with you, in​ which case write down your​ preferred challenge in​ a​ journal or​ diary and​ keep note of​ how your​ dare is​ going. Include who, what, where and​ when you​ needed a​ little external guidance. this​ will enable you​ to​ reflect on​ your​ journey as​ you​ prepare for​ the New Year next year.

The road toward contentment, happiness, and​ success is​ often challenging, which makes it​ all the more scary yet exciting – you’ll really know you’re alive then! The upshot is​ that you​ achieve what you​ set out to​ do, and​ you​ can tell the world you​ did it​ your​ way!

Michaela Scherr Spiritual Growth

Dare To Achieve And Discover A Daring New You

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