Cycle Of Hair Growth And Information About Follicles

Cycle of​ Hair Growth and Information about Follicles.
At any Stage of​ our life,​ only 10% of​ hair is​ in​ resting phase. They Fall off in​ 23 months and the​ new hair grows in​ a​ total time of​ 26 years. About 90% of​ the​ hair grows on​ our scalp at​ a​ time and They grow at​ a​ rate of​ 1 cm. per month.
Normally hair lasts for​ two to​ four years in​ men and four to​ six years in​ Women.
Hair Internal Structure Deep Inside the​ hair follicle,​ the​ hair forms inside a​ hair bulb and protrube and grow outside.
Any Method of​ hair improvements like shampooing,​ conditioning,​ cutting,​ sun exposure does not effect the​ rate of​ grwth of​ the​ hair.
There Are 3 phases of​ hair growth
1. Anagen which takes a​ time of​ about 1000 days or​ 3 years.
2. Catagen lasting for​ 10 days.
3. Tologen for​ nearly 3 months.
Anagen includes the​ start of​ growth of​ hair and Tologen is​ the​ end i. e. trhe shedding phase of​ hair. the​ Hair bulb goes on​ coming outside from the​ start to​ the​ shedding phase. Hair groth is​ effected by the​ seasonal changes,​ i. e. hair grows more quicker in​ winter than in​ summer as​ a​ result of​ the​ seasonal change. in​ the​ Catagen phase,​ Hair growth is​ stopped for​ a​ small time and no pigment is​ produced at​ this time.
the​ time of​ Anagen Phase is​ usually fixed and and is​ determined genetically and is​ also responsible for​ the​ length of​ the​ hair. the​ no. of​ Hair Follicles in​ a​ human head counts approximately 100,​000. Each Follicle produces hair for​ about 20 times in​ the​ lifetime. in​ a​ new born baby,​ the​ hair follicles grow hair in​ a​ Unison,​ i. e. all at​ a​ same time but as​ time passes,​ the​ follicles produce hairs at​ different times.
if​ a​ hair is​ Plucked from the​ head,​ the​ follicle is​ not ruptured but it​ starts to​ produce a​ new hair. as​ age increases,​ the​ shedding of​ follicles is​ evidently seen in​ most of​ the​ people in​ the​ top of​ the​ head and also in​ the​ forehead. the​ Hair does not grow in​ a​ definite straight manner but makes the​ follicle to​ stand in​ some constant angle. Depending on​ this angle,​ the​ Hair are always set to​ lie. the​ Stream is​ usually in​ a​ twisted manner but it​ is​ then influenced by the​ way of​ combing of​ hair by people.
Finally,​ Hair grows at​ a​ slow rate,​ so utmost care is​ needed to​ prevent them from shedding.

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