Curtains Can Decorate Either Your Window Or Your View

Curtains Can Decorate Either Your Window Or Your View

Curtains are materials that are hung over a​ window for​ decoration​ and​ other purposes. The main​ purposes are to​ provide privacy, block sunlight and​ decoration.

if​ the window looks onto streets or​ sidewalks, then curtains can be used for​ privacy. Translucent curtains like net curtains or​ sheer curtains will only block sunlight partially. These types of​ curtains do not provide any privacy, especially at​ night. for​ privacy opaque curtains are better.

Curtains are also used for​ light control to​ prevent glare, for​ sleeping during the day, or​ watching TV etc. Opaque curtains are suited for​ light control. for​ partial light control sheer or​ net type curtains are better suited.

Curtains are also used for​ increasing the aesthetic appeal of​ a​ room. an​ elegant curtain​ greatly increases the aesthetics of​ a​ room and​ gives an​ opulent look. on​ the contrary dirty or​ ill matched curtains give a​ room a​ gloomy look. When the window looks onto a​ street it​ is​ better to​ give thought to​ the underside of​ the curtain​ as​ the curtain​ can be seen from outside and​ will dictate the appearance of​ the house.

Types of​ Curtains.

There are lots of​ varieties of​ curtains available in​ the market today. Few of​ them are:

Curtain​ Valance. These have deep frill fabrics framing the window and​ usually the curtain​ rod is​ hidden. They generally have pleated heading. The pleated headings can be decorated using braid, ribbons, tassels and​ trimmings.

Cascade Curtains. Cascaded curtains consist of​ two or​ more curtains hung over the window. The tiers are hung from transoms.

Shirred curtains. These types of​ curtains have the fabric threaded through curtain​ rods at​ the top and​ bottom.

Tie back curtains. These curtains are gathered at​ the sides of​ the window and​ decoratively tied back at​ the lower part of​ the curtain​ with a​ sleeve or​ cord.

Café curtains. These are designed to​ cover only half of​ the window and​ are stationary. They are usually used in​ kitchens and​ bathrooms for​ privacy and​ are made form scalloped headings.

Pelmets. Pelmets are structures mounted above the windows on​ which the curtain​ rod is​ fixed.

The choice of​ curtains depends on​ the purpose for​ which the curtains are being installed. Color, fabric and​ style of​ curtain​ give the room a​ formal or​ informal appearance. There are lots of​ decorative rods, pelmets, cordings, sleeves, beads, fringes, rings, eyelets available in​ the market to​ decorate curtains. Also a​ thought should be given on​ safety for​ floor length curtains when pets and​ children are present in​ the house.

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