Cross Stitching Creative And Decorative

Cross Stitching Creative And Decorative

if​ you​ are a​ person​ who loves arts and​ have an​ artistic hand​ then craft book is​ very useful for​ you. a​ craft book is​ a​ book that provides some sort of​ information​ about any specific art. this​ may include painting, knitting, stitching, candle making, doll making or​ any other form of​ craft work. you​ can easily spend your​ leisure time creatively and​ make some useful thing for​ your​ home and​ family. Craft work not only gives you​ pleasure but also save lot of​ money if​ wisely done.

Cross stitch book is​ a​ craft book that helps you​ in​ making beautiful decorative pieces along with fun all the way. There are some guidelines that you​ need to​ follow for​ cross stitching which is​ given in​ a​ cross stitch book.

Things you​ require for​ cross stitching
A graph that you​ wish to​ draw, even fabric for​ cross stitching, a​ tapestry needle of​ 24 or​ 26, embroidery thread or​ floss, embroidery hoop and​ scissors.

Steps for​ cross stitching
1. you​ need to​ separate the cotton​ strands which are usually in​ six strands in​ correct number for​ stitching. There will be a​ color key that will show the cotton​ color you​ have to​ use for​ each symbol in​ the chart. you​ should start the cross stitch design from the middle in​ such a​ way that the stitching you​ made fits in​ the fabric without going off from one side. you​ can find it​ easily by folding the fabric in​ four and​ thus you​ will find the center but remember that this​ point coincides with the center of​ the chart that is​ normally marked with arrows from top, bottom and​ sides.

2. Begin​ stitching by threading your​ needle and​ then bring it​ up to​ your​ fabric but leave a​ short end of​ cotton​ in​ the back and​ work over this​ with your​ first few stitches to​ secure it. After making enough stitches in​ place you​ can start a​ new color by running it​ through back of​ existing stitches. Finish the color by running the cotton​ under the stitches at​ the back so that it​ is​ secured.

3. you​ can make single cross stitch, row of​ cross stitches, half cross stitch, back stitch, part stitches which really looks great when you​ have finished.

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Cross Stitching Creative And Decorative

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