Creative Writing Ideas How To Have Them

Are you waiting and hoping for creative writing ideas? Why not use some simple techniques to​ produce as​ many ideas as​ you will need? Here are a​ few to​ get you started.

Combine Stories For Creative Writing Ideas

There is​ a​ technique called "concept combination" which is​ to​ create new products to​ sell. Use it​ to​ create new stories,​ and it​ is​ usually good for a​ few laughs and a​ few ideas as​ well. All you have to​ do is​ imaginatively combine old stories into new ones. For the​ most creative ideas,​ use stories which are unrelated in​ their theme.

Suppose you start with the​ biblical story of​ Adam and Eve,​ and combine it​ with the​ movie,​ "Star Wars." Perhaps in​ the​ new story a​ man and a​ woman are placed alone on​ a​ new planet,​ as​ an​ experiment to​ see what will happen over the​ centuries. Would they or​ their future offspring develop our same ideas about God and morality?

Get crazy if​ you want. "King Kong,​" and "Romeo and Juliette" could become a​ story about when apes learn to​ speak,​ and the​ first human-ape romantic relationship develops. the​ couple is​ of​ course rejected by ape and human society. How about "Frankenstein" and "Gone With the​ Wind?" Start dreaming up those new creative writing ideas.

More Ways to​ Have Creative Writing Ideas

Make a​ list of​ what is​ most important to​ you. Take anything from that list,​ and find a​ story in​ it. For example,​ if​ honesty is​ important to​ you,​ create a​ story populated with characters that are defined by how honest or​ dishonest they are,​ and show the​ consequences of​ this trait. if​ there is​ some political principle that is​ important to​ you,​ imagine new stories which show what happens when this principle is​ followed - or​ when it​ isn't.

Make a​ list of​ the​ stories most like. Start with any story you really like,​ and think about how you would have told it,​ or​ how it​ could be told. the​ start writing to​ see if​ the​ idea "grabs" you. Romeo and Juliet has been successfully retold a​ hundred ways in​ books and movies,​ under many titles. Why not find a​ formula you like,​ which has been proven to​ work,​ and write your own updated version?

Watch the​ evening news and make a​ list of​ the​ stories. This source is​ mined by television shows all the​ time. Try to​ add a​ twist that will get the​ story read. For example,​ take a​ real life issue that is​ in​ the​ news and approach it​ from a​ different perspective. Perhaps it​ could be a​ story of​ a​ businessman who profiteers after a​ hurricane,​ but you find a​ way find a​ way to​ make him the​ good guy.

One of​ the​ best ways to​ get ideas is​ to​ write anything right now. the​ English writer Graham Green attributes his success to​ a​ simple habit: He forced himself to​ write at​ least 500 words daily,​ whether he felt like it​ or​ not. Creative inspiration can strike at​ any time,​ but it​ strikes more often when there is​ work instead of​ waiting. Just start writing and you'll have more creative writing ideas.

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