Creative Halloween Decorations

if​ you​ walk around your​ neighborhood, there is​ a​ good chance that you​ will see very similar decorations at​ every home. Jack-o-lanterns, orange lights, trash bag pumpkins, and​ witches that have “crashed” into garage doors and​ nearby trees are incredibly common. However, if​ you​ are looking for​ something different to​ do this​ year, read on​ for​ creative ideas.


Hang a​ creepy mask on​ your​ front door. Decorate your​ scarecrow and​ garden gnomes with them. you​ can even hang them in​ the windows to​ look like someone creepy is​ peaking out. you​ can amp up the scary tone by placing a​ flash light on​ the ground, turning it​ on, and​ adjusting the light to​ illuminate the mask. Just make sure that any masks used outdoors are waterproof​ and​ fastened down so that they do not become ruined or​ fly away.


Glass vases can be an​ interesting way to​ decorate inside of​ your​ home. Consider filling them with different objects in​ fall and​ Halloween colors – colored leaves, black and​ orange marbles, Halloween candies, or​ even plastic bugs. you​ can then reuse the vases by making a​ few changes in​ the contents for​ Thanksgiving, Christmas, and​ other holidays. you​ can often find a​ variety of​ “fillers” at​ your​ local craft or​ dollar store.


Fake spider webs can make your​ front yard look creepy, but you​ can also use them inside, where you​ get the added benefit of​ having them last longer. Hang them in​ doorways and​ in​ corners throughout your​ home. you​ can even consider adding on​ some creepy inhabitants to​ perfect the look. Another benefit? you​ won't have to​ worry about dust? you​ may want to​ consider spraying the webbing with an​ insect repellent to​ keep the real deal from moving in. you​ will also want to​ make sure that you​ do not hang them anywhere that could be a​ potential fire hazard.


Have some budding artists in​ your​ family? Consider designing your​ own Halloween mural. you​ can then hang this​ in​ a​ bay window, a​ blank wall, or​ even outside if​ the weather permits. Have older children design their own Halloween scene, while younger children can color in​ the words “Happy Halloween.” this​ can also be a​ cute memento to​ pass on​ when your​ children get older to​ help remind them of​ childhood Halloweens.


if​ you​ don't want to​ go all out with your​ Halloween decorations, a​ few tasteful accents can help set the Halloween mood without turning your​ home into a​ Haunted house. for​ instance, you​ can hang orange and​ black curtains or​ bring out some Halloween themed throw pillows. Look for​ a​ Halloween welcome mat or​ move your​ smaller potted plants into plastic Halloween trick-or-treating containers. you​ can even look for​ Halloween knick knacks and​ static window clings.

if​ you​ are tired of​ the traditional Halloween decorations, a​ little creativity can help you​ create your​ own Halloween display. Simply look for​ items that you​ like that fall into the Halloween theme and​ create your​ own designs.

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