Creative Cake Decorating Ideas

Creative Cake Decorating Ideas
you​ need to​ bake a​ cake for​ a​ special occasion, you​ know you​ are creative, but you​ need a​ fresh idea to​ work with .​
Every celebration​ includes a​ cake to​ be shared among the guests and​ family members .​
It is​ tradition​ to​ have a​ cake baked by a​ bakery, or​ to​ have a​ relative bake a​ cake for​ the event .​
if​ you​ are the designated cake decorator, you​ may be looking for​ a​ new idea for​ your​ next creation​ .​
Below are a​ few cake decorating ideas:
- Characters: There are hundreds of​ famous characters to​ use for​ cake decorating .​
you​ can make any cake special by drawing in​ Dora the Explorer, or​ Blues Clues .​
Or you​ may want to​ cut up the cake to​ make the entire cake into a​ favorite character.
- Themes: Maybe you​ would like to​ go with a​ 50's theme, underwater adventure, sport theme, or​ a​ roaring 20's theme for​ your​ cake decorating .​
Use your​ creativity and​ find a​ theme that will thrill the person​ you​ are making the cake for, and​ the guests .​
you​ may want to​ have a​ masquerade party in​ that theme .​
Whatever you​ decide, have fun.
- Motor Cakes: Boys are usually crazy about trucks, cars, fire engines, boats, tractors, helicopters, or​ airplanes .​
Again​ you​ can use your​ cake decorating expertise to​ make a​ farm with a​ 3-D tractor, a​ racing strip, or​ a​ scene showing a​ fire being put out by firemen .​
of​ course it​ all depends on​ what the particular birthday boy is​ fond of.
- Animals: you​ can also use an​ animal theme by cutting the cake to​ look like any animal, or​ draw in​ a​ scene using animals .​
It could be a​ zoo scene with several animals or​ choose one animal and​ decorate the cake with other decorations showing where it​ came from .​
Use your​ imagination.
- Food: Maybe you​ are making a​ cake for​ the opening of​ an​ Italian restaurant .​
you​ could create a​ scene depicting the building, or​ if​ it​ is​ for​ a​ chef opening the restaurant, a​ scene of​ the kitchen with different Italian dishes would be fun .​
you​ can also cut the cake to​ look like a​ hamburger, hot dog, taco etc.. .​
The sky is​ the limit when it​ comes to​ cake decorating using a​ food theme.
- Holiday Themes: I​ remember when bunny cakes became popular at​ Easter, Wilton​ has pans and​ decorating supplies for​ all holiday cake decorating designs .​
a​ heart on​ Valentine's day, or​ a​ 4 leaf clover on​ St .​
Patrick's day is​ a​ wonderful way to​ say happy holidays.
- your​ Own Creation: if​ you​ have been involved in​ cake decorating for​ quite some time, or​ if​ you​ are a​ novice with an​ artistic flair, you​ can create your​ own cake based on​ the theme or​ the celebration.
Whatever cake you​ make will be the center of​ attention​ as​ cakes usually are at​ a​ celebration​ .​
It has become tradition​ to​ have a​ outstanding cake at​ every celebration​ .​
Knowing that you​ are the one who is​ artistic enough to​ make this​ cake, and​ the praise you​ will receive from others, will give you​ a​ bushel of​ satisfaction.

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