Creating Simple Designs For Cottage Decorating

Creating Simple Designs for​ Cottage Decorating
Cottage decorating is​ really quite a​ bit of​ fun .​
Cottages are more fun than homes, and​ they are usually used as​ second dwellings or​ cute little rental properties and​ thus automatically lend themselves to​ more creative design features .​
Naturally, when decorating a​ cottage, the natural ambiance that surrounds the cottage can be taken into account .​
a​ cottage by the beach, for​ example, can often reflect the natural surrounding with driftwood accents, palm trees, and​ lots of​ bright and​ airy colors.
When decorating a​ cottage, one basic rule of​ thumb reigns true .​
The more simplistic the decorating, the better .​
Cottages are smaller, usually with smaller rooms than a​ house, with lower ceilings, and​ smaller yards .​
this​ is​ generally speaking of​ course and​ there is​ always the exception​ .​
By keeping the interior of​ each room open and​ as​ specious as​ possible, the cottage can seem larger and​ roomier than one would imagine .​
The use of​ bright colors also helps to​ open up the space .​
Filling a​ cottage with too much furniture and​ other little trinkets gives it​ a​ cluttered appearance.
for​ the smallest rooms, it​ is​ recommended to​ start at​ the middle where there is​ ample open space and​ make it​ sacred .​
From there, you​ can build outward to​ maintain​ the spaces that are vital to​ movement, as​ well as​ spaces that maintain​ a​ feel of​ openness .​
if​ the room is​ too small for​ the fabulous sofa that you​ love, you’re not going to​ love that fabulous sofa every time you​ have to​ run sideways to​ walk through to​ the next room.
Cottages naturally tend to​ lend themselves to​ bright and​ airy window dressings, often dolled with classic lace .​
At the same time, bamboo shades work well with a​ cottage motif​ .​
Cottages are a​ chance to​ get more creative, to​ try things you​ want to​ try at​ home with a​ lower expense.
Cottages can be very stylish for​ those who don’t wish to​ go the fun route .​
Simple and​ basic antiques, strong and​ sturdy dark wood pieces, and​ little treasures like chests and​ window boxes create simple yet potentially beautiful accents that are classic in​ design.
When going more upscale in​ cottage decorating, the ultimate goal is​ to​ leave not only open functional spaces on​ the floor design, but open spaces along the walls, on​ table tops, and​ elsewhere throughout the cottage .​
Upscale decorating often tends to​ be more bare bones with just a​ few solid and​ beautiful accents, rather than a​ multitude of​ various pieces .​
Upscale is​ not about price, but about style .​
Spending a​ fortune on​ something doesn’t make it​ tasteful .​
While there are tasteful items that are pricey, upscale and​ decadent finds can be had in​ the little shops, the antique stores, and​ the online stores that really make a​ strong statement.
Cottage decorating should reflect the owners’ respective personalities no matter how different they may be .​
Most cottages are owned by long term relationship couples, and​ obviously their differences have worked well for​ them thus far .​
Creating complimentary differences throughout a​ cottage can be a​ fun challenge with a​ phenomenal result.

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