Create A Profitable Database Using Jewelry Software

Create a​ Profitable Database Using Jewelry Software
Setting up a​ profitable database for your business requires a​ well-designed jewelry software program .​
But how do you​ tell if​ a​ jewelry software program is​ well designed? Here are a​ few questions to​ ask before making a​ purchase.
· is​ the​ jewelry software program easy to​ learn and use?
· Has the​ program been around long enough to​ be fully field-tested in​ a​ number of​ retail jewelry stores?
· is​ the​ program constantly updated to​ meet new marketing challenges,​ changing retail conditions and tax reporting requirements?
Once you​ have purchased a​ jewelry software program,​ it’s time to​ decide what information to​ cultivate.
The Database is​ Only as​ Good as​ the​ Information you​ Collect
You probably won’t want to​ collect all the​ data your jewelry software is​ designed to​ collect .​
Just because a​ program is​ able to​ accumulate a​ lot of​ different information,​ doing so can turn an​ easy job into a​ difficult one .​
By the​ same token,​ keep the​ future in​ mind .​
Sometimes information that is​ not needed today may become important later on​ .​
So look ahead when planning how to​ use your jewelry software,​ but don’t fall into the​ trap of​ information overload.
Start with the​ most essential data that should be stored in​ your jewelry software .​
This will probably be:
· Customer contact information
· Product or​ Services purchased
· Purchase price and picture of​ an​ item
· Inventory
When setting up your customer contact information,​ be certain to​ include e-mails .​
Even if​ you​ don’t have a​ use for them right now,​ they may turn out to​ be gold in​ the​ future .​
Plus they are easy to​ add to​ any jewelry software customer database.
Other information you​ may want to​ include in​ your jewelry software database might be:
· Information requested and provided to​ a​ customer
· Warranties or​ insurance purchased (if applicable)
· Any gem quality disclosures discussed.
A good jewelry software program will also allow you​ to​ collect specialized information that might be applicable to​ just your store .​
If you​ have such a​ need and don’t know how to​ incorporate it​ into your jewelry software,​ contact the​ program’s customer support.
Once you​ Begin Collecting Data in​ Your Jewelry Software Program ...Use It!
Nothing is​ more useless than a​ lot of​ information sitting idle in​ a​ jewelry software program .​
Use it​ to​ plan and execute advertising programs...control inventory...order new items...and help make other business decisions .​
Get in​ the​ habit of​ using your jewelry software everyday and it​ will quickly become one of​ your best and most profitable business partners.

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