Create The Perfect Garden Pond

One of​ the biggest privileges in​ my life is​ the ability to​ own my own home and​ property. My family and​ I have been blessed to​ be able to​ purchase land​ and​ create the home of​ our dreams on​ it. When I am not busy writing, there are few things you​ can find me doing as​ often as​ tending to​ my ever- messy home and​ overwhelming lawn and​ garden. I have a​ love and​ hate relationship with these chores. One the one hand, I love caring for​ the things I own because I feel a​ sense of​ pride about them. Yet, on​ the other hand, it​ is​ frustrating how much time and​ energy it​ takes to​ keep your​ home and​ lawn looking presentable. Recently I added to​ my chores by putting a​ garden pond in​ my backyard.

Frankly, I had always thought that garden ponds or​ really decorative pieces like them were a​ bit too much in​ most yards. They looked a​ bit too perfect and​ made the property feel less homey and​ inviting. I had a​ change of​ heart about garden ponds when I toured the home of​ a​ friend and​ discovered the most quaint and​ brilliant garden pond situated in​ a​ corner of​ her backyard. The garden pond brought an​ extra touch to​ her landscaping that became irreplacable as​ soon​ as​ she began.

What I now love about garden ponds is​ that they bring a​ sense of​ nature and​ of​ wildness into the backyard of​ a​ home that is​ built almost anywhere. I have seen garden ponds in​ the backyards of​ homes in​ urban subdivisions and​ in​ the backyards of​ the most quaint country cabins. and​ I love them. I simply love what a​ garden pond does for​ the look and​ feel of​ a​ piece of​ property.

if​ you​ are thinking of​ adding a​ garden pond to​ your​ landscape, think carefully about it​ and​ do not proceed without caution. One of​ the worst things can be to​ rush into a​ project like a​ garden pond and​ then regret a​ half-done job. Take your​ time and​ get the opinions and​ advice of​ friends and​ fellow landscapers before you​ break ground on​ your​ garden pond project. Think carefully about the perfect location​ of​ your​ garden-pond-to-be. Does the area you've chosen get enough sunshine? Do you​ want it​ to​ be centrally located as​ the center piece of​ your​ landscape or​ off to​ the side and​ hidden more? Think about the ideal yard you​ want to​ create and​ then proceed carefully into making a​ great garden pond.

Grab a​ few books or​ get online and​ find hints on​ making a​ garden pond a​ reality on​ your​ property. it​ won't be easy, but if​ done well, the results will be worth it.

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