Cowboy Decor 23

The Old West is​ a​ favorite theme for​ many people, who like to​ dress up in​ a​ Stetson​ and​ boots and​ hit the line dancing clubs .​
There is​ no reason​ why this​ fascination​ with America's history cannot be indulged at​ home too and​ cowboy décor is​ becoming increasingly popular .​
Whether it​ is​ used for​ the home or​ workplace, a​ homely ranch type feeling is​ ideal for​ the cowboy or​ cowgirl at​ heart.
These decorating items are easily available, enabling the enthusiast to​ have a​ cowboy décor theme in​ just one room or​ throughout a​ building .​
There are a​ number of​ companies that sell western items for​ the home and​ clothing and​ accessories .​
The most popular motifs are cowboys, horses, cattle, brands, spurs, saddles and​ ropes .​
These images evoke a​ simpler time, of​ campfires, rodeos and​ driving herds across the range! Many hotels and​ holiday cabins employ this​ theme, especially in​ western resorts.
Everything in​ the home can be incorporated into cowboy décor .​
a​ room, furnished in​ wood and​ leather will benefit from finishing touches such as​ cowboy décor themed clocks, bookends and​ fireplace ornaments .​
Furniture can be enhanced by just the right doorknob and​ drawer pull .​
It is​ important that the choice of​ lighting sets the right tone, with the appropriate floor lamps, table lamps and​ lampshades .​
Even chandeliers can be given a​ cowboy theme.
Any bedroom should have a​ relaxing and​ cozy ambience .​
Western throwovers and​ duvet sets help to​ achieve this​ .​
Children's bedrooms can be made a​ fun place with scenes from the old west on​ wallpaper and​ rugs .​
The kitchen too can carry on​ a​ cowboy décor theme on​ glassware, dinnerware, coasters, cruet sets, napkin​ rings and​ wine racks .​
Bathroom items with western motifs are available too, on​ towel bars, vanity sets, toilet seats, medicine cabinets, towel sets and​ shower curtains.
The walls can be decorated with prints of​ typical western scenes or​ metal signs, declaring welcoming sentiments such as​ howdy! The image of​ John Wayne, as​ he appeared in​ his movie, True Grit is​ also popular .​
The area outside the home can also be given the cowboy décor treatment with a​ fire pit, boot scraper, weather vane and​ door knockers.
in​ addition​ to​ home décor items, there is​ a​ range of​ western themed leather purses, handbags, wallets and​ briefcases .​
Cowboy images also appear on​ cell phone holders and​ hand​ luggage .​
All these products won't improve the line dancing but they will bring heaps of​ fun.

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