Cover Letter Writing And The Art Of Public Speech

Cover Letter Writing And The Art Of Public Speech

Some speeches are so powerful and inspire so much passion that they plant the​ seeds for a​ revolution or​ a​ big change in​ society. Why are some speakers so good at​ connecting with their audience and some so bad at​ it? at​ the​ root,​ a​ speech is​ about conveying a​ message and making an​ impression. Good speakers know that to​ be heard,​ they have to​ be clear,​ inspirational,​ and … lead. Indeed,​ giving a​ speech is​ about leading people in​ the​ right direction with one’s vision of​ how things should be.

That’s why speeches are so important in​ politics. the​ leader of​ a​ political party has to​ be able to​ affirm himself as​ someone with direction and drive in​ order to​ inspire confidence in​ the​ electorate. But no matter how many attributes we​ associate to​ “good speeches,​” it​ all comes down to​ one thing: “making a​ statement.”

A good speech is​ about “making a​ statement.”

Those that fail when they stand in​ front of​ a​ crowd are those that have no real clue of​ what they want to​ say,​ have no confidence in​ themselves,​ or​ couldn’t say it​ eloquently enough. All that translates into one thing: no conviction. a​ leader must have conviction in​ order to​ succeed.

The same holds true for resumes and cover letters. It’s about connecting with the​ recruiter and making a​ statement: “I am the​ best candidate for the​ job. Give me at​ least a​ chance at​ an​ interview.” Faced with a​ good application,​ a​ recruiter will always give that applicant the​ benefit of​ the​ doubt. No employer wants to​ let go of​ a​ potentially good recruit.

So when you are facing the​ difficult task of​ writing a​ resume or​ a​ cover letter,​ keep that in​ mind. When you are done writing,​ let it​ rest,​ come back on​ it​ later,​ and ask yourself this question: “Have I made it​ clear that I was the​ best candidate for the​ job?” if​ the​ answer is​ “no,​” you know what you’ve got to​ do…

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