Cover Letter Writing And The Art Of Public Speech

Some speeches are so powerful and inspire so much passion that they plant the​ seeds for a​ revolution or​ a​ big change in​ society. Why are some speakers so good at​ connecting with their audience and some so bad at​ it? at​ the​ root,​ a​ speech is​ about conveying a​ message and making an​ impression. Good speakers know that to​ be heard,​ they have to​ be clear,​ inspirational,​ and … lead. Indeed,​ giving a​ speech is​ about leading people in​ the​ right direction with one’s vision of​ how things should be.

That’s why speeches are so important in​ politics. the​ leader of​ a​ political party has to​ be able to​ affirm himself as​ someone with direction and drive in​ order to​ inspire confidence in​ the​ electorate. But no matter how many attributes we​ associate to​ “good speeches,​” it​ all comes down to​ one thing: “making a​ statement.”

A good speech is​ about “making a​ statement.”

Those that fail when they stand in​ front of​ a​ crowd are those that have no real clue of​ what they want to​ say,​ have no confidence in​ themselves,​ or​ couldn’t say it​ eloquently enough. All that translates into one thing: no conviction. a​ leader must have conviction in​ order to​ succeed.

The same holds true for resumes and cover letters. It’s about connecting with the​ recruiter and making a​ statement: “I am the​ best candidate for the​ job. Give me at​ least a​ chance at​ an​ interview.” Faced with a​ good application,​ a​ recruiter will always give that applicant the​ benefit of​ the​ doubt. No employer wants to​ let go of​ a​ potentially good recruit.

So when you are facing the​ difficult task of​ writing a​ resume or​ a​ cover letter,​ keep that in​ mind. When you are done writing,​ let it​ rest,​ come back on​ it​ later,​ and ask yourself this question: “Have I made it​ clear that I was the​ best candidate for the​ job?” if​ the​ answer is​ “no,​” you know what you’ve got to​ do…

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